How To Keep A Black Truck Clean: Things to Take Into Account

How To Keep A Black Truck Clean

To improve the longevity of you can and make it shiny, you have to maintain the vehicle from tip to toe. The first thing that comes to mind is car cleaning. Something many drivers hate to do and therefore opt to visit a service shop to get rid of the dirt.

Glistening a black truck or car can be daunting but not impossible. It can be done by yourself if you know how to do it properly and have the right equipment. We are here to discuss how to keep a black truck clean and how to prevent swirls and other kinds of marks.

Black Paints Attract more Dust Than Any Other Color

The color black is one of the most eye-catching, intimidating, and sophisticated colors out there, and therefore many automobile enthusiasts prefer their car or truck to be black, especially truck drivers who want to show off the muscular side of their vehicles.

Let us tell you that if your 4-wheeler is black, then you have your work cut out. Why so? Simply because black attracts more dirt than primary colors or any other shades.

Highly Contrasty

Being contrasty with reflective shine, black paints attract all kinds of unwanted dust specks. Any kind of dirt patches will be visible on a black truck compared to other color tones.

Fast Fading

Even if the color is black, it tends to fade quicker because of the quick absorption of sun rays. In addition, this particular shade tends to attract the Sun’s UV rays and fade out the paint with time thus, any kind of grime and swirls can be seen easily on a black surface.

How To Clean Black Car At Home

There are many different ways to attain the top-quality shine of black coating. We will walk through all the possibilities so that you can have your way depending on what’s available to you. You don’t need to go to an auto wash and splash unnecessary cash when you can clean your car at your home. Let’s check out some basic ways to maintain a black truck and all the necessary steps.

Things you need:

# Using Quick Wax Spray

The best way to wash and wax a truck is to use a quick spray. It should be a potent one-step solution to give you a dark glossy finish and top-notch shine. Using it is very simple. All you need to do is get the spray and flush it on the surface where you want to clean.

Step 1: Drizzle Bottled Wax Formula

For example, if you see many dirt patches piled up on the paint surface, simply give a few sprays of quick wax on top of the dirty patches. Then, make sure you lightly shower to cover every bit of muck. The chemicals should be working on their own within a few seconds. 

Step 2: Wipe It with a Towel

Now that you have sprinkled the surface, use a microfiber towel to wipe the top clean. Unfortunately, microfiber rags have the tendency to attract dirt more than regular cloth. This will surely make your car appear pure black once again.

Step 3: Work the Tires With A Different Solution

You can use this product and similar ones on the paint surface without any problem, but make sure to avoid the tires. For tires, you can get a tire wet spray.

The spray should be able to protect the surface for about 3 weeks and resist weather and water spills as well. Simply sprinkle the solution onto the surface adequately and let it sit for 3-4 minutes, and you should get a lustrous shine. For a more polished tone, you should use the liquid on a microfiber cloth to wipe the tires clean.

If you want to know how to wash a truck fast, we can assure you that cleaning cannot be done in a flash. The best you can do is apply wax spray for a quicker fix. For effective whole-body cleaning, you must wash your car entirely, which is not that simple, it is time-consuming. We will talk about it in the later part.

# Spray Detailing Products

Another productive way to give your black car a new look is to use detailing sprays. These types of fluids add a protective layer and also upgrade the outlook of your car in a lustrous way.

Step 1: Get A Quality Detailing Spray

Detailing sprays to work extremely well and shine your car without leaving any water patches. They also function as drying agents, thus you don’t need to dry the car before applying such a formula. Instead, you can spray the liquid directly onto a wet surface.

Step 2: Use A Towel to Swipe the Grimes

As you’ve applied the detailing spray, it will work on its own, and all you got to do is take a soft towel and efface the residues using mild force. Make sure not to push your hand forcefully on the surface.

UV Rays are another reason that makes your truck look dull. To make them shine, pick a spray from the best detailer link above that has UV protection. What it does is, shield the sunlight and preserve the blackish tone without fading it. Of course, you will see it fading with time, but if you use one with UV protection, you won’t have to use the detailer frequently.

# Washing Mitts or Microfiber Cloth

These cleaning products are like handheld scrubbers that take off dust and dirt without any hassle. However, black paints are sensitive and must be dealt with carelessly. You cannot use a brush that is harsh on the paint when you wipe it. Hard ends will scrape the clear coat rather than clean it. So, the softer mitts are the best option here. 

Step 1: Find A Good Quality Mitt

Get yourself a washing mitt. This type of cleaning fabric is very durable and won’t flake off any time soon, plus it is washable.

Step 2: Use a Car Detailer

To work it out, simply spray a car detailer. Let the detailer sit out for a minute or two; this will work the chemicals efficiently.

Step 3: Wipe It Off

Once you’ve applied the detailer, the next thing to do is to clean out the surface mildly with a wash mitt. Washing mitts are made to be gentle on the paint surface, unlike cleaning cloths which can etch out some of the clear coat if not used with care.

Using a microfiber cloth is also a good option to take off the dirt and grime. Normal clothes are not effective enough to remove damaging residues, but microfiber cloths certainly can work magic.

Use the cloth to pat on the sprayed surface, simply don’t drag the towel as it will scratch the paint layer and can cause scratches. Your technique has to be on point, and you should not rush things. Go slow and steady for the best cleaning outcome.

# Waxing Your Car

Have you heard the phrase ‘icing on the cake’? Well, car wax is certainly the icing you need after you’ve given your car a clean rub. Wax products can themselves get rid of many unwanted grimes. However, it is mostly applied once you’ve performed the overall cleaning of your car exterior. 

Step 1: Get A Paste Wax

The wax substance simply protects your truck from harmful sun rays and keeps it shining through and throughout. So, get your hands on a paste wax for car detailing. 

Simply start by applying the wax on a detailing pad or soft microfiber towel and give the car surface a circular rub. Next, apply a thin layer; don’t bulk it up too much. As simple as that! After some time, you will see the wax substance dry out.

Step 2: Clean The Wax

Use a soft towel to take off the wax from the clear coat. Do it in a circular motion until all the substance is gone. When the wax is removed completely, the shiny surface should appear.

Step 3: Buff It Up

To end things on a good note, it’s best to buff your car paint to give it a more polished look. Use buffing tools with quality pads to shine your car the brightest and terminate mild scratches.

There are many types of waxes available in the market, for example, liquid wax, paste wax, spray wax, synthetic wax, and such. Each has its work function and aids fantastically depending on what it’s made for.

How To Wash a Black Car Without Swirl Marks

Cleaning a black car is not a cakewalk, it needs extreme precaution and skilled hands to ensure a proper finish. In addition, cleaning the car can induce swirls and scratches, which is a common occurrence on black paints, and they are very visible. So to avoid swirls, you can give your car a bath using the two-bucket technique.

Two Bucket Method

To avoid swirls and scratches, this is the best way to go about it. Your main aim is to avoid the dirt benign dragged on the paint surface. Spraying and rubbing with towels have the potential to hamper the clear coat, so better get on with the buckets.

Step 1: Use Separate Buckets

Here you need to start with two separate buckets, one for cleaning the mitts in water and another for soaking the mitt with a cleaning solution. Make sure your buckets are fitted with grit guards to counter any remaining debris, such as sand grains and other specks of dirt. 

Step 2: Make the Surface Frothy

Soak the mitt with a cleaning solution, and you must apply the foamy substance onto the black surface with mild force. Just don’t go overboard, as it will not help you, rather scratch the surface further.

Step 3: Wash the Mitt in Clean Water

After you’ve cleaned a single part of your car, dip the towel or mitt into a plain water bucket and later rub it onto the grit guard to tackle sturdy grimes that remain stuck. Once the mitt is cleaned, you should apply the cleaning formula again and re-do steps 2 and 3 for the rest of the remaining parts of your car.

 Make sure you avoid the frothy solution to dry out automatically because this will cause wet patches. Instead, use microfiber towels to dry out the cleaning formula instantly.

Things You Avoid While Cleaning Your Truck

  • Don’t apply dish soap, it will strip off the top coating
  • Say no to sponges, they collect gritty substances and induce scratches
  • Avoid brushing with bristles, rather use a microfiber towel or soft mitt
  • Don’t let the car dry out by itself. The cleaning solution will leave unwanted marks
  • Don’t use the same clothes or mitts to clean the paint surface and wheels
  • Avoid cleaning the wheels in the last stage. Do it before you work on the paint
  • The cleaning cloths must not touch the ground as they will attract dust

When using two-bucket methods, don’t use a single bucket to save time. 2 separate buckets are there for a reason.


Is black paint hard to keep clean?

Yes! Black paints are hard to maintain but not impossible. It is vulnerable to showing dirt and water patches more than any other colors thus it has to be cleaned more often. Follow the procedures we mentioned in this article.

How to keep black cars spotless?

The best way to do it is to apply wax solution and buff your car. The wax formula acts like sunscreen and shields it from blemishes and unwanted spots, keeping your shine intact for a longer time.

Can I clean my black truck at home?

Yes, you can. Having some basic detailing products like quick wax spray, hydrophobic detailers, mitts or microfiber towels can help you clean your car at home. All you need is guidance and proper use of the equipment and chemicals. Check out this article to know the art of cleaning black cars at home.


If you have a truck and that too a black one, you better start to take care of it in the wisest way. Trucks are designed to take on rough roads, and therefore they are prone to getting dirty sooner than later.

Black paint is the most notorious when it comes to highlighting dust and scratch marks.

A car owner needs to know how to keep a black truck clean. We have discussed all the practical ways in this article. Give it a read and gather knowledge about the process. Next time you decide to cleanse the surface of your truck, make it shine like a star.

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