How To Clean Microfiber Pads – 3 Steps Ultimate Guideline

How To Clean Microfiber Pads

Microfiber pads get dirty a lot faster while polishing the car body. This is why you must learn how to clean microfiber pads to use them repeatedly.

Cleaner microfiber pads offer you better polishing and hassle-free workflow. Thus, cleaning them out is a priority. Hence, you need to maintain polishing pads regularly.

Efficient cleaning makes sure you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on replacements. It’s a haven for polishing workshop owners.

Follow our below-mentioned steps, and you will get a better finish right away.

Things You Must Have to Clean Microfiber Pads

According to the following article, we use some ingredients to clean the microfiber pads. Below we are explaining these items in simple matters to you. It makes the whole process a lot more seamless. 

Compressed Air

Compressed air is the first thing you need to clean out the microfiber pads. It’s an essential tool to use when you want to thoroughly wash out dirt. The air blower would remove all dirt from deep within the pad. Be sure to have one before starting to follow the tutorial.

Cleaning Cloths

The second thing you need is proper clothing. Fabrics such as terry clothing are enough to let you clean any microfiber pads right away.

Moreover, these are great to rub out ingrained dirt and paint simultaneously. It’s one of the essential things in the below-mentioned process.

Bristle Brush 

At last, the bristle brush would be the last element you will need. It would make the microfiber pads clean. Brushes would pull out hard dust and other elements. The bristle is a must when you find a higher amount of hard dirt.

3 Steps on How to Clean Polishing Pads at Home

Below let’s get into the steps you need to follow in cleaning microfiber pads. With these steps, your pads would be spot-on and ready to use on the next polishing tasks. 

Step 1: Start Cleaning the Microfiber Pad With Clothing Towel

Remember the clothes mentioned before? In the first stage of the tutorial, use cloth. For example, towels or terry cloths would be enough to let you rub out all of the surface dirt.

You must rub them to remove the pollutant, no matter which type of fabric you have. As we know, polishing pads gather dirt and pollutants, rubbing all of them out.

It would be a lot easier for you to remove any remaining polishing residue. Moreover, terry cloths and microfiber soak paint residue a lot faster.

Step 2: Use Bristle Brush to Rub Away Dirt

Suppose the towels fall short to clean off the more ingrained dirt, polishing pad cleaning brush. In other words, it’s a bristle brush. Bristle brushes can brush away any deep dirt out of the microfiber pads.

These items let you get deep and unplug any hard residue. Keep on brushing on the service of the microfiber pads until you stop getting further dirt.

But, don’t go overboard with the bristle brush, as it might damage the polisher surface, which is why you must do it with mild pressure. As a result, it would be seamless.

Step 3: Use Air Compressor

When the painting and polishing residue stays in place after all these steps, use an air compressor. An air compressor would help you remove all the hard to remove dirt.

You could have an air compressor device to remove dirt and paint right away. Further, sometimes you may want to wash the microfiber pad (we will cover it later).

When some paint doesn’t go away, the air compressor works great to move away from these paints. Be sure to use a quality air compressor and take time while cleaning.

Cleaning Products to Use for Microfiber Pads

When you are riveting the polishing pads, cleaning solutions can come in handy. Brands such as Adam’s Microfiber Revitalizer & Brightener would work as one of the best solutions to use.

These solutions would be the best option to rejuvenate dull polishers. On the other hand, if you want to deep wash the pads, apply non-bleach detergent and distilled white vinegar.

You could use a washing machine—more on the following topic in the next section.

How to Deep Wash the Microfiber Pads?

Whether cleaning power balls or microfiber pads, the deep wash is a crucial step for both. If the residue is too stubborn and doesn’t want to go away, better wash it off.

To wash off the hard to remove paints, check out the below-mentioned steps. These steps are tailored to provide the best results. 

Step 1: Put all of the dirty micro pads into the bucket of water.

Step 2: After 30 minutes, put all the washing buffing pads into the washing machine.

Step 3: Pour some distilled white vinegar and the non-bleach detergent into the washing machine.


  1. If you don’t want to use a washing machine, try out a bucket with water to apply the products.
  2. Don’t use fabric softener as a cleaning ingredient as it might be counter-intuitive. 

Step 4: Set your washing machine in low heat settings. Once the washing cycle is done, let it dry.

As an alternative to washing machines, having a bucket full of water detergent(non-bleach) would work great. Later you could rinse and rub a bit to remove all the residue

How to Dry Out the Microfiber Pads After Cleaning?

Drying out the microfiber pads is not a hassle. But you could fasten up the drying process with towels. Like, you could fold up the towels around the pad at first.

Afterward, start squeezing on the pad. Repeat the squeezing multiple times. Once you complete the squeezing process, place the microfiber pads upside down.

It would let all the moisture get out a lot faster. Thus, the following steps would ensure you get the fastest and most efficient results.

Importance of Cleaning the Microfiber Pads

Cleaning microfiber pads has tons of benefits. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the benefits you should know about.

These benefits prove the aftermath of the washing. Hence, maintaining polishers can lead you to better functionality.

  • Cleaning out regularly improves the longevity of the product.
  • With regular maintenance, it stays fresh and provides top-class results. 
  • Strong residue and paint don’t get a chance to stick on the surface.


Let’s get into the FAQs, which you may need to learn and get answers.

Should I use the washing machine to clean up microfiber pads?

Using a washing machine to clean dirty microfiber pads may gum up your washing machine. You may need to wash the remaining dirt from the washing machine chamber. If you are ready to wash up any left residue, using a washing machine can be an option. 

Can anyone apply detergent to wash out the microfiber pads?

You must only use non-bleach detergent to wash out microfiber pads. When the non-bleach detergent is not available, apply distilled white vinegar instead. It would make sure the micro-fibers of the pad stay fresh and don’t get ripped off at all. 

What if the dirt still remains on the pad’s surface?

Even with intense washing, the dirt and paint stay on the microfiber pads; better to replace them. It’s a sign that it might be hard to remove dirt. Plus, it may not be worth your time to clean out all the residue. With newer units, you could get to finish more polishing tasks. Hence, choose a better polishing unit next time.


Learning all the steps on how to clean microfiber pads can lead you to higher productivity. Why? Because it gives you the luxury to use the same polisher repeatedly.

Hence, it saves you from the hassle of getting a new one after a short time. As cleaning pads are important, maintaining them is essential as well. Don’t forget to check all of the polishers once in a while.

Gather all the dirty ones and start washing them out right now. It’s a lot rewarding, and you would get satisfying results on your polishing tasks.

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