How To Clean Oil From Under Cars – Most Effective Way

How To Clean Oil From Under Cars

Cleaning oil buildup under cars might be a bit of a hassle to go on. But, if you could learn how to clean oil from under the car, it would be great for your car. It’s a must to learn for every car owner.

As oil leaking becomes common when the car becomes older, learning it out makes sure you can fix it on the spot. 

Letting oils stay on the undercarriage can damage your car structure. Hence, learning the process is crucial for any car owner, no matter who you are. 

Let’s get into the tutorial right now.

Few Things To Consider Before Cleaning Out The Oil

Before you embrace to cleaning underneath car engines, you must be careful of a few aspects. Further, make sure you take careful measurements. As you are going to clean extra oil and dirt, wear protective eyewear as you need.

Moreover, you need to take care of your undercarriage regularly. It helps you to avoid getting rust and other issues as well. Thus, you need to take care of these areas with proper care.

How To Clean Oil from Under the Car – Easy 7 Steps Guide

Let’s get into the process of cleaning oil from under the car. Thus, the below mentioned process would provide you with the easiest ways to clean up the bottom part. These are the steps you need to get a clean and swift car bottom. Nonetheless, you could customize the steps as needed. 

Step 1: Turn Off The Car Engine

As the first step of safety measures, you need to turn the car’s engine off. Because, while the car engine is one, the bottom part might conduct uneven heat. It’s the best option to turn the car off at least 30 minutes before you start cleaning. 

Step 2: Blow Away Mild Dust

Get into the spot where the oil is leaking, use an air blower to remove mild dirt in one short. If you don’t have an air blower, use a brush or soft scrubber. It’s enough to get a cleaner undercarriage to start. It makes your cleaning task a bit seamless. 

Step 3: Cover Up Electronics

In the following step, you need to cover up the electronics part of the car. Electronics parts may include sensors; distributors are prone to water, which is why you should cover up these parts with something water-resistant. For example, plastic bag coverings work just fine to go. You must remove the battery cable as well for safety.

Step 4: Add The Degreaser At The Bottom of Part

Before applying the degreaser, rub the oil out to make the surface a bit cleaner. Afterward, spray the degreaser at the bottom part with consistency. Finally, cover the area with oil. It dissolves the oil and turns it into a non-sticky substance within a few minutes. 

Step 5: Keep On Scrubbing

The following section is specific to scrubbing the oil-affected parts of the cars. You could use brushes such as stiff-bristled brushes or any other strong brushes. It provides you with complete resistance to hard-to-remove grease as well. Make sure to scrub off for at least a couple of minutes.

Step 6: Wait a Bit and Dry Out

Let it sit a bit once you have completely cleaned out the undercarriage before washing them out. For better cleaning, make sure to use a pressure washer. Others work fine as you could splash the water right into the correct spots. After thorough washing of dirt and grease, let it dry out.  

Step 7: Place All The Removed Parts Of The Engine

Last but not least, place all the engine compartments back in place. Moreover, remove all the plastic protective over the electronic components. Check if any protective coverings are still within the engine area or not. Once the engine and the undercarriage are dry and ready, you could start running the car immediately.

Importance of Cleaning Oil From Under Car

As we all get to see, the bottom part of the car gets higher exposure to grime, dirt, and other, which is why it’s important to look after and regularly clean your car’s bottom. Hence, you could use a rubberized coating to avoid further damage and save the spot from dirt exposure.

Few Things to Remember While Cleaning Oil, Grease, And Tar

While cleaning out the bottom part of your car, you need to consider a few aspects. So, let’s get into these points, which help you get better at cleaning the strong oily or greases out of the surface of your car undercarriage.

  • Make sure to apply the best degreaser for the undercarriage, such as WD40, for better cleaning in a short time.
  • Use a stiff brush to clean away stronger greases that are not getting away with mild rub.
  • Always use a pressure-controlled washer while removing stronger greases because it’s easy to get carried away and damage the bottom part of your car. 
  • The pressure washer should have a controller, and you must keep the speed in control.
  • Avoid making electronic parts of the car wet and cover them before applying water and degreaser around the engine.


Below are the questions you must get into to understand washing oil under the car better. 

How do you manage a sudden oil leak?

Use to fix a sudden oil leak, use leak additives on the following spot. Brands such as No Leak Engine Oil are a perfect fit for preventing future leaks because these joints melt rubberized surfaces. As a result, it will be better for you in the long run.

How often should you clean the car chassis?

Washing out car chassis four times a year is the recommended rule. Yet, if you have an off-road tour, increase the frequency of washing car chassis. It ensures the better condition of your car and avoids any oil leak. As a result, your car can stay fit for a longer period of time.

Is undercarriage cleaning effective?

Most of the time, undercarriage cleaning is effective and provides great results. Moreover, regular cleaning of the bottom part of the car makes sure it doesn’t build up any rust. So, it’s a better option for you from all perspectives.


As you have learned the process of how to clean oil under the car, do it regularly. Because it would save your car from getting oil leaks, additives can help you out in a true sense.

Regular cleanup of car chassis ensures better conditions for your car for a longer period. 

Whether you believe it or not, cleaning out the bottom part is very rewarding and provides you with great results.

Either way, the following guideline will be perfect for you to follow. Once you complete washing out the bottom part of the car, keep maintaining it up would be worthwhile.

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