What Is A Spark Plug Non-Fouler?

What Is A Spark Plug Non Fouler

The number of spark plug issues that a car owner faces are endless. However, there are ways to make sure this specific part of your car engine is less affected over time.

Using a non-fouler is one of those initiatives you can take. It can protect your car engine from reduced fuel economy, misfiring, poor acceleration, and whatnot.

This article explains what is a spark plug non-fouler and the warning signs telling you when you must get non-foulers for the plugs.

What is a Spark Plug?

Now, before we move any further, we must know what a spark plug is and how it helps in the first place.

Well, the spark plug’s job is to ignite a spark on the fuel mixture to create hundreds of explosions in your engine, allowing your engine to produce tons of power.

So, don’t these explosions destroy these spark plugs?

Well, if these plugs were made of simple materials, it would have been a serious concern. But thank goodness, they are manufactured from the most durable materials like iron fillings, charcoal, titanium, and many different alloys.

That’s why these plugs can withstand millions of such explosions before they wear out and need replacement.

However, it’s true with time, that these plugs get old and can’t produce the desired sparks that they used to generate. So, in that case, replacement is the only option you have!

A Brief Introduction of Spark Plug Non-Fouler

Non-Fouler Spark Plug Adapter

So, if you’ve read the above paragraphs, you should know what a spark plug is. However, this section will give you a brief introduction to spark plug non-foulers.

The spark plug mainly screws on a sparking plug, and the non-fouler primarily acts as a sleeve for the plug and prevents oil from entering. It’s more like a small hole that is perfect in size for the gas vapor to flow easily and ignite the engine, keeping the engine compartments and oil protected from excessive burning and damage.

That’s not all! The non-foulers even resist the spark plugs from getting damaged, ensuring you a better and more efficient engine. Another amazing feature that you can benefit from the de-fouler is that they are made from the best quality steel. So, you can sit back and relax as they won’t rust or corrode.

How Can you Tell Your Spark Plug is Fouled?

One of the things that you must check is when to change the spark plug to make sure your car engine performs as it should be. Here’s a list of symptoms that will indicate if the spark plug is fouled or not.

1. Reduced Fuel Economy

Spark plugs contribute a lot to efficient fuel burning. However, a foul spark plug can upset you with inefficient fuel efficiency. It means you would run out of fuel in a very short time, which can be bad news for your engine and your wallet.

2. Difficulties while Starting the Engine

If starting your engine becomes a nightmare, it’s a clear indication that the first thing you should look at is the spark plug. Although the entire ignition system is the combining forces of many other components, a faulty spark plug is always the imposter.

3. Misfiring Engine

So now, if your engine frequently misfires, you know where to look. There can be two reasons for these misfires. Either it’s a fouled spark plug or a sensor malfunction. Unfortunately, in most cases, the spark plug causes this issue.

4. Poor Acceleration

A foul spark plug also leads to poor acceleration. When you see that no matter how much you shift the gears or step on your accelerator, it’s still slow, then it’s time to say goodbyes to your old spark plug. 


How to install spark plug non-fouler?

You can install spark plug non-fouler in just three easy steps:

Step – 1: Fit your spark plug sensor with the help of a drilling machine. We recommend getting a 22mm spark plug non-fouler as they are convenient and easy to install.

Step – 2: Reset the engine control system by disconnecting the battery’s negative terminal. Then drill down at least half the center. This way, you’ll have enough room to fit the spark plug non-fouler.

Step – 3: When you have placed the sensor, screw the bolts tightly. Finally, reconnect the terminals and successfully install your spark plug non-fouler.

How to remove a spark non-fouler?

To remove a spark non-fouler, all you have to do is remove the screws of the spark plugs from the non-foulers and then place a new one and re-screw them, that’s all.

Do spark plug non-foulers work?

Yes, definitely, they work fine as long as the engine doesn’t have other spark plug-related issues. However, do remember that spark plug non-fouler p0420 (catalytic converter issues) can cause severe problems.

So, if any such code arrives, get your plugs checked ASAP. Otherwise, you can always get a 90-degree spark plug non-fouler to counter such problems.

Do spark plug non-fouler O2 sensors actually work?

Yes, it does work, and to apply this spark plug non-fouler trick, you need to get a dummy O2 sensor. However, it might be illegal as these oxygen sensors are a part of your vehicle’s emission control system. So, getting a dummy o2 sensor might end up fining you.


Now you know what is a spark plug non-fouler and how it can protect your car engine from extreme heat, damaging issues, and poor performance.

So, if you want to save your money related to fixing issues for a spark plug, installing a spark plug non-fouler can be your ultimate money saver way.

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