What To Do With Old Spark Plugs?

What To Do With Old Spark Plugs

Every car enthusiast has one problem in common. They get rid of their old spark plugs thinking these things won’t do them any good. WRONG! Maybe you don’t know spark plug has a recycling value. You can sell them, reuse them and recycle them. Let’s give you a brief idea of what to do with old spark plugs.

Are Spark Plugs Recyclable

Yes, they are, and that’s the best option you can go for to protect your home. The Earth! If you just throw them away, they may pollute the environment since they will never degrade. Worst of all? Even after twenty to two hundred years, they will be looking forward to seeing you or your descendants.

In addition, spark plug recycling is crucial for collecting platinum and iridium, both of which are significant “strategic metals” that serve a variety of functions in daily things as well as in the electronics sector.

To begin recycling, remove the ceramic head, which is a simple task. Because these pieces are too small to be recycled, ceramics are less environmentally harmful. As a consequence, you may bin them with no hesitation.

When it comes to metal pieces, simply toss them away or transport them to a recycling facility all at once. And as for the plugs, talk to the recycling center to figure out the fortunes of these metal fragments.

Why is it Important to Recycle Spark Plugs

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Don’t you want a green environment? We all crave a fresh breath when we come out of our room. You want to see your scrapyard empty and pocket full with some extra money. And your wish is the reason why spark plug recycling is important.

As you know, the upper part of the spark plug is metallic. Spark plug outer material is made from nickel alloy, which is fused with a copper core, and both of these metals will not degrade with your scrap yard soil for a long time. Your next generation may not get your wealth but find these non-biodegradable waste metals. Sounds funny, but dangerous!

What Happens When Spark Plugs Get Old

Well, if you’re thinking about this question, you’ve probably thought of taking something apart before recycling. The rule of thumb is to try to reuse it, and adjust it for a different function while keeping the last option of recycling it in hand.

So, when the product is disposed of and has no reusable potential, recycling could become the final choice to rely on.

What to Do with Old Spark Plugs

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We won’t say that antique spark plugs value is high. If you go to metal yards with 2-3 spark plugs, they may not show high interest in buying. So, you can collect your spark plug in an extra bin, and when you make a collection with 10-15+ spark plugs, you can sell them for a good amount.

A question may arise in your mind about what can old spark plugs be used for except selling them to metal scrappers. Well, you can use them as a craft. Don’t you love uniqueness? A spark plug can help you to decorate your home uniquely too. Isn’t it interesting?

From recycling to unique home decoration, we will guide you on what you can do with your old spark plug in.

1. Recycle

Spark plug seems a little thing to you. You may ask, can old spark plugs be recycled? Yes, old spark plugs can be recycled. But you need to contact a recycler company for that.

The outer surface is the metal part, and this part is mostly recycled and used by different automotive companies. The bottom part of your spark plug is the Shell, and the top part of the old spark plug is the stud. 

Scrappers collect these two parts and produce various automobile steel parts from them. The middle ceramic part is not recycled.

Do you know, your old spark may contain platinum and iridium? And you are thinking of throwing them away without recycling the valuable platinum and iridium? Silly man!

There are very few atom layers of platinum and iridium in your spark plug. But these little amounts can return you great value if you recycle iridium spark plugs properly.

So, your old spark plug worn-out part can be used to make other brand-new metal parts or jewelry.

2. Hat and Coat Hanger

If you live in a one-room apartment, you may not have a hat and coat hanger. Don’t be upset; we’ll guide you to make a hat and coat hanger with your car’s old spark plug.

For that, take strong glue or adhesive. Now find your old spark plug. You can use the spark plug with or without the exterior surface. Attach your unused spark plug with a base holder.

You can also color the base and spark plug to get an aesthetic view. Now tap the base holder with a spark plug in the wall with the strongest adhesive you have.

Your coat will be free from shrinkage as you have a coat hanger made from your unused spark plug. Easy and effective, isn’t it?

3. Bottle Opener

Do you forget to bring a bottle opener with cold drinks when you throw a party home? You might face lots of friendly scolding then. Well, don’t try to open the bottle cap by using your teeth when you have a spark plug that you are about to throw out!

The stud (top portion of the spark plug) is made from nickel alloy, fused with a copper core. This composition gives your spark plug a metallic strength. Now, take the round part of the lower stud and attach it with a steel stick. Perfect, you made your bottle opener without any cost!

4. Wall Clock

The same kind of wall clock, the same combination of numbers, made our eyes bored to watch it. You can DIY a crafty wall clock from the interior portion of the spark plug.

How? Here’s the process –

  1. Detach metallic portion of the spark plug.
  2. Take out the interior surface.
  3. Circularly attach the spark plug following the format of the clock.
  4. Install a battery and clock arrow.

Done. Your wall clock from an antique spark plug is now ready to hang on the wall. Don’t forget us when you get an appraisal from your friends and family for this unique wall clock.

5. Key Holder

You can make a key holder using an old spark plug. Here, you need the round portion of the spark plug. You will find it from the bottom of the stud.

Detach the bottom portion of the stud carefully. Now, put your keys there. Seems like plug and play feature, right? Your new keyholder is easy to make and light to carry.

6. Metal Sculpture

If you are an artistic person, never throw your spark plug. You can produce an eye-catchy metal sculpture from your old spark plug. And you can use them as a showpiece or earn a handsome amount if you want to sell them.

Can Old Spark Plugs Be Discarded

What would your response be if we asked you this question? Before you begin to get an answer, don’t forget to respond on your own!

You can; no one will withstand you. But you have done something contemptible! Believe us. We hope that the reason behind it does not need a written declaration to help you comprehend how detrimental this is to the environment, soil, plants, and so on.

If you’ve been working on vehicles for a long time, you undoubtedly have a huge pile of them and no clue what’s their usage anymore! If that’s the case, we will encourage you to pay a visit to your nearest scrapyard.

A Few More Spark Plug Disposal Methods

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Now, let’s get you acquainted with additional options for disposing of the spark plug if you don’t have access to a trash recycling system in your area.

Though spark plugs are inexpensive, keep in mind that they also have a scrap value. Most essential, don’t underestimate them because they are minor. Scrap them in the same manner as you would any other metal component; you may separate the metal bits from the ceramic, discard the ceramic, and preserve the metal in your scrap metal bin.

It is not required to drive to a junkyard for selling one or two plugs or leave them free every time you work on your automobile. Guess what? You’ll overspend on gasoline, and then you’ll gain selling the spark plug. To be honest, that’ll be ridiculous!


Where to sell used spark plugs?

You can sell spark plugs to metal miners or metal scrappers. It is better to find someone reliable with whom you can make a long-term relationship to sell your spark plug. Don’t throw your spark plug into their metal yards without telling them, as most of them are private properties.

Is the spark plugs eco-friendly?

We do not encourage releasing it into the environment. It must not end up in a landfill. As you are aware, it can pollute land and water, causing suffering to plants, animals, and possibly humans.

Why are spark plugs valuable?

Spark plugs are made from copper, nickel, zinc, lead, iridium, and platinum. These metals are recyclable and can be reused for new purposes.

Platinum and iridium have 90% recyclability, and the inert metal is tough to find easily in your surroundings. That’s why your old spark plugs are valuable.

Can spark plugs be cleaned and reused?

You may wash and reuse the spark plug. However, this is only worthwhile if it continues to function after cleaning. However, keep in mind that it may lower the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. As a result, we propose that you replace the plug with a fresh one.

Can iridium and platinum-plated spark plugs be recycled?

The iridium & platinum are coated on the electrodes to avoid corrosion, and the quantity on each plug is tiny enough that recovery is not a concern. These spark plugs, like other plugs, can be recycled. Throwing them outdoor can be considerable, but it is never encouraged as they are inert and will not harm the environment to the max.


You know, nothing comes easy, and nothing goes easily. As your spark plug is not biodegradable, it can harm your soil and ocean. So, it will not be a wise decision to throw away the spark plug here and there.

As you already know what to do with an old spark plug, it will be better to start collecting your spark plugs to make extra money by selling them to scrappers, and miners or reusing them for a new purpose.

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