How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Blown-Out Spark Plug?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Blown Out Spark Plug

A spark plug blown out of a cylinder is the most common way spark plugs get damaged. This happens when aluminum threads fail to hold spark plugs strongly enough to reduce vibrations.

Well, in this article, we have uncovered information about all costs associated with spark plug repairs, Including how much it costs to fix a blown-out spark plug.

A blown spark plug can set you back about $750 to fix. Your car model, manufacture year, and other engine damages (if any). And how many ignition coils need to be serviced are all factors that will affect your costs. Various factors can cause the price to fluctuate between $450 and $1200.

If you are confident with your mechanical skills. You can surely get the necessary tools and try rethreading blown-out spark plugs yourself. You will only have to spend money on buying tools and automobile parts needed in such a case.

But we would suggest that you always get such work done from repair shops or professional mechanics.

Blown-Out Spark Plug Repair: Costs Guide

Damaged and broken spark plugs like such will only lead to potential road dangers. Further leading to your engine failing.

Therefore, we will help you with all the necessary information required to wrap your head around spark plugs and their maintenance costs.

Parts Repair Cost

If you require purchasing replacement parts only, the costs would not be as much as if you hire a mechanic. This is because spark plugs separately are sold at very reasonable prices; insert kits are an expense to keep in mind.

Spark Plugs Cost

Generally, one spark plug costs only about 5 dollars. The prices of these spark plugs might vary, though, solely depending on the stores you decide to purchase them from.

If we had to give a range specifically for spark plugs. It would cost you a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $10 with variable prices of $7 and $8 in between.

Insert Kits Prices

Although, in a case where the mechanic should remove the engine’s head, it can be a little more expensive than usual. It is a time-consuming and costly process.

But, here, you can consider rapidly restoring the threads with a thread restoration kit. A larger tsp and a steel wire replacement that happens to fit into the tsp hole are included in this process.

Using a threaded insert can be a good idea. However, the expense of an insertion kit for this service varies. Thread inserts kits range in price from 40 to 60 dollars for low-end kits, 130 to 200 dollars with mid-range kits, and about 400 dollars for high-end kits.

Overall, the total costs might start from $40 and go up as much as $400 depending on your plug repair choice.

Engine Fixing Costs

When the engine is broken and can’t utilize a bolted insert, the cylinder head or machine may need to be repaired. Most head replacement costs range from two to four grands.

For these cases, expect the prices to range from 3,500 dollars to up to a tremendous amount of 11,000 dollars.

Mechanics and Professionals Charges

The rate that the professionals or expert mechanics will charge you depends on the extent of damage that has taken place with spark plugs and the engine.

The number of spark plugs that have blown out is a significant factor to consider. Expect to spend $800 on the experts when only one spark plug is blown.

If more than one spark plug is damaged, you will have to go ahead and pay $100 for every additional insert as numerous cylinders would need to be replaced.

Repair Shop Expenses

The blown spark plug replacement expense will differ considerably upon where you choose to have your car serviced. To replace a damaged spark plug in your vehicle, various repairers may bill your different costs, so surf around and compare prices for your convenience.


A damaged spark plug could cost somewhere between $850 to $1,200 to replace if you choose to take services from a dealership.

1. Repair Shops Around

You should expect to pay between $450 and $800 when you take your vehicle to have repair services from a technician to get the blown spark plug replaced.

2. Auto Service Centers

Though not very different from dealership charges, auto service centers are less inexpensive even with their premium services.

The charges might differ from center to center. However, they are typically supposed to be billing your minimum of $600 and approximately a maximum of $1000.

However, we have provided only approximations; your actual expenditure may vary by the type of vehicle you own, the complexity of the damage, and the service you choose to opt for.

Costs According to Car Models

The type of car you own, its design, and how much the parts of it cost can also change the total anticipated budget of the blown-out spark plug fixings.

These costs will vary from $600 to higher costs of $2000 depending on the fault and model of the car you own.

Again, all the mentioned budgets are approximate and may vary with additional and external factors upon occurrence.

Determining the Presence of Blown-Out Spark Plugs

You know your vehicle better than anyone. Therefore, as soon as you realize the engine is not working as smoothly and your car seems unusual, be sure that something has gone wrong with the spark plugs.

Misfiring engines, constant car noises, and rattling with poor fuel economy are the common symptoms of understanding the problem of blown-out spark plugs existing in your vehicle.

So, stay alarmed to check for such signs.


What replacements are required for fixing blown-out spark plugs?

Head replacements, thread kits, and new spark plugs are required to repair blown-out spark plugs completely.

What is the spark plug hole called?

The spark plug hole is commonly known as the “ground point” of a spark plug. It is a threaded metal segment around the combustion chamber of the car.

How to avoid spark plug blow-outs?

Bad installation and poor maintenance of spark plugs lead to damaged spark plugs. Thus, keep your car in regular checks by a mechanic from time to time. And, always keep a watch on the condition of your spark plugs, especially after long drives.


There is more than one option available to consider how you want to get the blown-out spark plugs fixed.

However, keep in mind that the option you choose will directly affect the costs associated with the repair. 

We discussed all possible topics that should answer your question about the cost of fixing a blown-out spark plug.

It is necessary to keep your engine in good condition and conduct quick repairs because the costs will only go high if there are further damages.

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