Best Spark Plug Wires For Big Block Chevy In 2023

Big Block Chevy Spark Plug Wire

They say the little things are what make the biggest difference. In this case, we’re inclined to agree with that statement. Although you might be convinced otherwise, spark plug wires are significantly more efficient than other groups of accessories meant to do the same job.

The right plugs can mean a lot more than you’d imagine. Did you know that spark plug wires make your car’s ignition system work better? Well, this write-up will go over all the factors you need to look for and the best spark plug wires for big block chevy to make an excellent logical decision.

Our Top 6 Picks:

JDMSPEED New HEI Distributor With Spark Plug Wires For Chevy SBC 350 BBC 454

JEGS Red Hot Pow’r Wires

A-Team Performance – Silicone Spark Plug Wires Set

MAS 8.5MM Spark Plug Wire Set

8.0mm Silicone Spark Plug Wires Set

A-Team Performance – Silicone Spark Plug Wires Set

Things to Consider Before Choose Spark Plug

When you’re looking for a set of spark plug wires for your vehicle, here are some things that you should consider before buying them.


When the engine is running, the wires that connect the spark plugs to the distributor reach extremely high temperatures. Silicone jackets are an excellent choice for keeping you warm when temperatures drop below zero. When shopping for a spark plug wire, look for one with double insulation as an extra perk.

Insulation protects wires from corrosives such as chemicals and friction during vibration. When wires are insulated the right way, they last longer and work better.


When purchasing new spark plug wires, length isn’t a huge factor. There is some variation in resistance depending on the length, and the cable’s resistance rises with length, but not to the point where it affects ignition.

Engine-specific information

A cable that is compatible with your car would be helpful. It’s a waste of money to buy spark plug wires incompatible with your car’s ignition system. Only replace the spark plug wires that are unique to the engine you’re working on.

Wire type

Depending on the type of wire, the resistance can be very different. Look for the lowest-resistance wire to supply enough power to start the engine. As an example, think about 40 to 50 Ohm cables.

Custom vs. mass-produced

It makes no difference whether the spark plug wires are factory-made or not if they suit your requirements. Examine the material used to form the cables, their resistance, the cable jackets, and the functioning of the wires and cables. Consider the product’s functional properties rather than its name.

Guarantees and refunds

The parts won’t work together in every situation. A warranty allows you to make adjustments or changes where it matters. With a return policy, you can get a refund to buy the correct wires for your car. Because warranties indicate how confident a company is in its products, they also show that they are of high quality.

Extra features

The best spark plug wires have extra features that make them easier to use. Installing cables by color-coding them makes the process faster and reduces the risk of an electrical short-circuit when you turn on the ignition.

High-quality cables have a variable pitch winding that reduces the resistance while also canceling radio frequency interference. Wires that come with dielectric grease help keep the cables in their proper shape and protect them from damage.

What are The Best Block Chevy Spark Plug Wires

After spending hours doing extensive research, we managed to find out sparks plug wires that’ll keep your car performing well. Let’s check them in detail.

1. JDMSPEED New HEI Distributor With Spark Plug Wires

JDMSPEED New HEI Distributor with Spark Plug


  • Spark doesn’t leak to deliver maximum spark
  • It improves fuel efficiency
  • Temperature- and the damage-resistant silicone insulation
  • Ensures a smoother operation
  • Chevy combo kit replacement


  • Insufficient length for spark plug wires

The best spark plug wire for a big block Chevy is the JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Set. With this high-performance spark plug, you’ll get the most out of your car.  Low resistance wires allow the coil to transfer a more vital spark to the plugs, boosting engine performance.

The spiral wound copper conductors in these wires provide excellent EMI suppression, and it stores the energy and delivers it directly to the plugs to reduce emissions. If you’ve been using OEM wires, you’ll notice a significant improvement.

The sturdy design protects wires from heat damage. If you’re expecting a lot, you’ll be disappointed, and however, the high temperatures may be too much for them. In addition, you’ll need to use this equipment to generate a high-output spark.

Your ignition upgrades will perform to their full potential. The electronics in your Chevy 350 won’t be affected by your car. And it also includes a distributor and one set of plug wires.

Moreover, with the HEI boots, you can effortlessly turn up to around 90 degrees. This new HEI distributor is 14.17 by 8.35 by 19.21 inches and weighs 9.13 pounds. It is a viable replacement for many other automobiles in the same series because of its KEVLAR core, ultra high strength, 1.8K ohm per meter, silicone sleeve and boots, and boot-style coil.


You can’t ask for more from the wire for the price. You get pretty good performance out of the car’s ignition. Also, the heavy glass braid and EMI suppression will protect the cable from wear and heat.

It will help the engine run at its best and reach its full potential. Also, you can get this set for an affordable price.

2. JEGS Red Hot Pow’r Wires

JEGS Red Hot Pow’r Wires


  • Heat resistant silicone
  • The wire set comes with a separator, a marker, and dielectric grease
  • It improves gas mileage
  • Silicone jackets protect fuels, oils, and heat


  • The length of the wire is a little short

Spiral-cored plug wires from JEGS, the Red Hot Pow’r Wires, consist of Kevlar, fiberglass, stainless steel alloy, and conductive latex. They are considered high-performance plug wires at an affordable price.

Moreover, the unique wire composition lowers resistance to 350 ohms per foot, and RFI suppression equals OE carbon conductor wire with four times less resistance.

The JEGS Red Hot Pow’r wires are considered the most cost-effective but performance-oriented ignition cables on the market.

For extra pull strength, a fiberglass reinforcing braid divides the spark plug boots and external jackets of these wires, while the EPDM/silicone jacket resists high temperatures, fuels, and lubricants.

Furthermore, the 8.0mm spark plug wire from JEGS is an excellent choice. And it is one of the most cost-effective products on the market, and it’s easy to install and works perfectly.

The most appealing aspects of these fashionable wires are their ease of use and control. It’s more attractive because of the style and color scheme. Furthermore, it is simple to set up and operate your vehicle. It also offers consumers a high level of safety and a healthy option.


This set is easy to carry, and you can use it for any modern purpose because it is so versatile. JEGS is the best option if you’re looking for a high-quality product. The performance is truly outstanding, and it enhances the functionality of your vehicle.

3. A-Team Performance – Silicone Spark Plug Wires Set

A-Team Performance - Silicone Spark Plug Wires Set


  • Has a durable, heat-resistant outer layer
  • Reduces digital interference
  • The Chevy 350 is the perfect size for 90-degree boots
  • Regularly driven automobiles can benefit from this
  • Low-resistance conductor for optimal ignition


  • For most engines, the wires are a little shorter

This set of spark plug wires has a diameter of 8 millimeters and is suitable for low to medium energy ignition systems found in Chevy 350 automobile engines. For everyday driving, you might want to think about purchasing this wire set replacement if you are searching for an OEM wire set replacement.

Despite having a diameter of 8 millimeters, the wires still deliver a significant amount of energy to the ignition system. Compared to the OEM versions, there will be a discernible improvement in performance.

Your engine upgrades, such as heads, cam, carburetor, and so on, will be able to use the total horsepower to their full capability, which will allow them to express their potential more fully.

This wire set will eliminate any radio interference you have been experiencing if you use it. Additionally, the combustion will result in a relatively low amount of emissions compared to the previous state.

Because it has a heat conductor that has a low resistance, it stops energy from escaping at the lowest possible cost. The wire is resistant to damage caused by changes in temperature and abrasion.

Moreover, the length of the wire is just suitable for use with 350 engines. Maybe this one won’t meet the engine requirements for your vehicle if you need something more significant.


The spark plug wire is best for its high performance due to its aluminum housing, bushing construction, and vacuum or mechanical advances. If all you need is a better set of spark plug wires to improve your ignition system’s performance, the deal is worthwhile.

4. MAS 8.5MM Spark Plug Wire Set

MAS 8.5MM High Performance Spark Plug


  • High-performance engine parts are durable
  • Spark doesn’t leak into the ignition system
  • Maximizes horsepower and ignition performance
  • Spiral copper conductors eliminate EMI interference
  • It fits perfectly with 350 Chevy engines


  • The length of the wire is relatively short

Let’s talk about the 8.5-millimeter spark plug wire that gives you high-performance even if you use it with old versions of the ignition system.

This wire set is well-constructed to deliver the most spark possible to the HEI distributor and ignition system to improve horsepower performance. It is intended for use with those systems.

The HEI distributor and spark plug ends have a 90-degree boot, which works with most car ignition systems. To guarantee that the spark would not escape, the manufacturer covered the outer layer of the insulator with pure silicone. 

One of the reasons why an aftermarket high-performance plug wire set like this one contributes to the engine performing up to its total horsepower when required to do so is because this is one of those reasons.

Since the wire will be exposed to high heat and wear, its construction is much better than any OEM wire on the market right now.

The wearer is shielded from heat and abrasion damage by components such as a silicone jacket, heavy braided glass, and a high-strength insulator. These wires will end the disturbance and inconvenience caused by radio interference, so look no further if you have been irritated by it.

Its spiral copper conductor guarantees a low resistance energy supply, resulting in improved performance and increased EMI suppression.


Compared to lower-quality aftermarket plug wire sets, this one can withstand the demands of high performance and high temperatures. Before purchasing, you should check the wire length if you plan to use this on an expected Chevy 350.

5. 8.0mm Silicone Spark Plug Wires Set

A-Team Performance - 8.0mm Silicone Spark Plug Wires


  • Excellent spark plug wires that focus on performance
  • Wires with a high flow of spark
  • Durably constructed from silicone to withstand heat and abrasion
  • Reduced interference from digital electronics
  • It improves fuel combustion more than any other


  • Poorly written instructions for use

Many 8.0mm perfectly made spark plug wire sets are not easily accessible. After using it on their cars and trucks, customers speak highly about this set from A-Team Performance.

This wire set is perfect for use with racing spark plugs, and they’re thick, well-insulated for better energy storage and transfer, and have a tough outer layer. The 8.0mm diameter of this high-performance plug wire set is ideal for older ignition systems.

It has spiral-wound copper conductors, and they perform better than OEM wires, and there is no exception to this rule. The car is safe from digital electronic interference because it has conductors with low resistance.

There will be no leakage because the wires are made entirely of pure silicone. It’s important to remember that, unlike stock wires, these will keep the energy in the ignition system until it’s delivered. When your car engine gets a chance to unleash its full potential, you’ll notice a noticeable difference.

Your car’s engine system won’t be able to accommodate the extra length you’ll discover. It’s also possible to cut the wire length to suit your needs and make any necessary adjustments using the included tools in the package. 

A 90-degree boot on each end of the wire ensured that it would fit perfectly into Chevy 350 engines. But the length is quite long, so you may need to cut it down a bit to make it fit your needs.


It is the best deal on an 8.0mm spark plug wire set for your car’s ignition system at this price point, and the set of plug wires is built much better to withstand high performance and heat than cheaper aftermarket alternatives.

6. A-Team Performance – Silicone Spark Plug Wires Set

A-Team Performance - Silicone Spark Plug Wires Set


  • Plug wires that send more sparks to the ignition
  • There are more high-quality sparks in ignition upgrades
  • Infrared-resistant insulation and a watertight outer shell to prevent leaks
  • Digital electronics produce less radio interference
  • A good fit for most ignition systems


  • Most engines have wires that are a bit shorter

A-Team performance is Spark Plug Wire Set is an excellent choice for Chevy or GMC spark plug wires. This particular spark plug wire set measures 8 millimeters in diameter and is designed for cars with low to medium energy ignition systems. Consider this wire set if you’re looking for an OEM replacement for your vehicle’s wires.

These 8mm-diameter wires have a much lower resistance than the OEM wires, making them ideal for reducing radio interference. It will allow your ignition upgrades to reach their full potential. 

These wires have the highest quality silicone, and their inner braiding is braided with the same material to ensure maximum heat and abrasion resistance,

Due to its spiral design, the copper coil offers the lowest resistance possible for its diameter. You’ll be thrilled with your car’s performance after making ignition upgrades. 

Both ends have 90-degree boots that make it easy to plug and play. These boots are heat-resistant, ensuring that they will not damage by exposure to high temperatures or abrasion.


A-Team Performance’s 8.0 mm spark plug wires are the best choice for your Big Block’s chevy spark plugs. These high-quality wires are compatible with 454 engines to ensure maximum performance. A lifetime warranty also backs them, so they’re a sound financial decision for any serious racer.


1. Do I need to get myself a high-performance spark plug wire?

Yes, you do need to get yourself a high-performance spark plug. There is less core resistance, more heat and chemical resistance, and a higher level of radio suppression in high-performance spark plug wires.

2. Are good quality spark plugs worth it?

Spark plugs will start more quickly and run more efficiently if you use high-quality wires. You can save money by replacing your spark plug wires regularly. If you don’t replace the faulty wires quickly enough, you could damage your vehicle.

3. What are size plug wires best?

Most manufacturers say that an 8 or 8.5mm plug wire is best for most circumstances. Except in the case of a full-on race car or a street rod, where weight and looks are more important than EMI/RFI suppression.

4. Does the length of a spark plug wire matter?

Even more important than matching cable length is keeping the order of the spark plug wires straight. Poor combustion or misfiring of the cylinders can result from incorrect wiring, which can cause drivability issues and even engine damage.

5. Which is better: higher or lower ohms?

A plug on a plug can generate enough voltage so that a wire with higher resistance doesn’t affect the spark strength. A magneto’s lower output requires a low resistance wire to ensure hot sparks from your spark plug.

Bottom Line

After going through this review, we believe you can now easily pick the best 454 spark plug wires. Undoubtedly the products mentioned here offer the best performance, yet our automotive experts recommend going for JDMSPEED New HEI Distributor.

This is because the spark doesn’t leak and ensures improved fuel efficiency. It even has high-quality damage and temperature-resistant silicone insulation for optimum safety.

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