How To Remove Stuck Spark Plug From Aluminum Head?

How To Remove Stuck Spark Plug From Aluminum Head

If you notice the spark plugs getting stuck with the aluminum head of the cylinder, it becomes a concerning issue as the plugs might get torn off if not removed properly.

Knowing to remove stuck spark plugs makes it easier to deal with them, and this article has all you need to get the proper guidelines regarding this.

Why Spark Plugs Get Stuck

Stuck Spark Plug / Image: flow14

Spark plugs are installed with the aluminum head of the cylinder, which can get stuck if not checked regularly. The most common reasons behind this problem are –

1. Corrosion

If spark plugs of any vehicle remain unnoticed for a long time, corrosion can occur at the end of the plugs. As a result, metal particles gather near the aluminum head, and the plugs get stuck.

2. Temperature Fluctuations

The materials of the aluminum head and the plug are not the same. So, they do not expand at the same rate in temperature fluctuations when the temperature is high in the vehicle’s engine; the aluminum head expands more than the spark plug.

If you try to remove the plugs while being in this condition, they often get stuck to the aluminum head.

3. Over Torque

While installing spark plugs in the aluminum head, the plugs might get stuck if you deliver more torque than the plugs can handle.

Removing Stuck Spark Plug from Aluminum Head

After installing spark plugs in aluminum heads, they can get stuck due to certain reasons. Applying improper methods for removing the plugs can damage the wires and the cylinder of the vehicle engine. So, it is better to avoid those and follow the right techniques.

Here we have discussed some convenient techniques and methods for the easy removal of stuck spark plugs.

1. Spark Plug Remover

Spark Plug Removing Tool | Image: FCA: Corporate

You can use a removal tool like a socket wrench and plug socket to remove spark plugs. It is better to use the socket wrench with extension as it helps for providing the necessary grip. As plug sockets vary with the size of plug wires, you should get sockets according to your vehicle’s plug wires.

2. Using Duct Tape

Duct Tape @tesabrasil

You can use duct tape with a plug wire remover, and this home method is like a game-changer to remove plug wires from the aluminum head.

Wrap layers of duct tape around the remover so that it tightly fits on the plug. Now put the remover down to the plug, and it will remove the stuck plug easily.

Remember not to put too much layering as it would not get down through the plug.

3. Using Lubricant or Penetrating Oil

Applying any lubricant or penetrating oil in spark plug hole can help remove spark plugs. They create a liquid coating that can loosen up the spark plug from the aluminum head. Often plugs get stuck due to the formation of rust or other components, which can dissolve in the penetrating oil.

If you want the best penetrating oil for stuck spark plugs, you might check PB blaster or liquid wrench, which are popular among vehicle experts for easy removal of plugs.

4. Removing Over-Torqued Spark Plugs

Each type of plug needs specific torque, and if the plugs get over-torqued or under torqued, this will cause issues after a certain time.

So, how to remove over-torqued spark plugs?

The first thing you can do is to turn the plug-in reverse. Otherwise, you can also try to rip through the threads to remove the plug.


Is it right to remove spark plugs when it’s hot?

Always remember to wait for the spark plugs to cool down. Otherwise, removing those from the aluminum head would be too difficult.

What to do if the spark plug is fused to the engine?

You can try using lubricating oil in the plug. Besides, replacing the filters and oil can also help regarding this.

Can WD40 remove spark plugs?

Among different lubricants, WD40 works great for removing stuck spark plugs. It can prevent corrosion, which can seize spark plugs in the engine.

How can you remove spark plugs by hand?

Hold the plug with your hand and pull it outwards. Do not apply force straight as it can tear off the wires. Twist them while holding them in hand, and then pull them out.


Spark plugs are sensitive components of any vehicle’s engine, and they need proper check-ups after installation to avoid any malfunctions and damage.

Removing them while getting stuck is not easy, but it can be done with proper instructions. We hope this article was informative enough for you to learn to remove spark plugs from aluminum heads.

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