What Size Socket For Spark Plugs – Chart In Inches & Millimeter

What Size Socket For Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are required for the operation of all gasoline-powered combustion engines. The ignition needed to start your automobile is created by the sparks of electricity. That the plug generates over a short gap. These spark plugs, in turn, need sockets specifically designed to accommodate them.

And if you are someone, keep asking yourself what size spark plug socket do I need? Guess what? You may unquestionably put your trust in us without wasting any more of your valuable time. Since we will be revealing all of your needs and desires regarding what size socket for spark plug should be your preferences.

HEX – The Backstage Wizard

For your convenience, we have combed through a variety of dynamic bits of information, ensuring that no issue stays unanswered in your mind. You should know that the sockets are the means for screwing the plug either to tighten it or lose it.

The Hex or Hexagon shape is the most important aspect of a spark plug socket’s ability to perform its function. Hex relates to the diameter of the socket that you find in the spark plug middle. You use it to screw, unscrew or spin the spark plug.

Spark Plug Sockets Come in Two Varieties

Now, these sockets may have one of two interiors, both of which are designed to perfectly hold the plug while ensuring its safety and endurance. Magnetic and rubber sockets are the two types available. Rubber insert sockets produce a comfortable rubber seat for the plug to settle in, whereas magnetic sockets employ magnets to retain the plug.

Choose one depending on your particular preferences, and if you believe one is preferable to another, we must state that your opinions should be paused. They have a striking resemblance in appearance and function. So, no worries!

Sizes of Spark Plug Sockets

Despite the fact that there are just a few spark plug sockets accessible, they come in a variety of sizes and forms, including the regular and the deep varieties. Keep in mind that the socket sizes may differ based on the type of vehicle. The term “universal” does not exist in this context. 

So, if you’re looking to adopt one for your car, make sure you do your homework and get one that best suits your needs. 

You are free to choose from a wide range of 14,16,18,21 mm sockets, and the amazing thing is these come with both the 6 and the 12 configurations. So you never have to be worried about owning one from these variations.

These variations are generally accepted by a wide range of modern vehicles, including fashionable motorbikes, automobiles, as well as garden machines.

Spark Plug Socket Size Chart

We’ve put together some of the most often utilized spark plug sockets for you. If you’re in a rush, just look at it, and you’ll understand it in no time. 

Size of the Spark Plug (Inches)Size of the Spark Plug (Millimeter)Applications
11/168Some old vehicles, including BMW and others.
9/1614In Ford vehicles, and a few new Asian cars.
5/816In small vehicles as well as in the newer versions of different motorcycles and scooters.
3/419In lawnmowers and small GM cars.
13/1620In old cars that generally own a colossal engine.
7/822It’s rare yet seen in the aviation industry.
Spark Plug Socket Size Chart

Socket for the Spark Plug on the Ford F-150

It’s time to focus on a few distinct types of spark plug sockets to assist you in choosing the best spark plug sockets for your vehicle. We will start with the size socket for spark plugs ford f150? 

A 5.4L 3-valve Triton V-8 engine powers the Ford pickup truck, designated the Ford F-150 by Ford. We previously told you that there are two types of interior sockets. Yes, this spark plug socket on the Ford F-150 is 9/16 inches or 14 millimeters long, with rubber insert sockets to grip and safeguard the spark plug during replacement and insertion.

The extension is the portion of the socket that helps the spark plug to fit down the socket in the cylinder tube without any bummer. This socket also features a 3/8″ drive, making it suitable for use with the ratchet or the breaker bar. 

Spark Plug Sockets and Its Implications

Most recent automobiles, including Nissan, Subaru, and the Chevy, are covered by the 5/8′′ spark plug socket. Taking 13/16″ spark plug sockets is very popular and may be found in older vehicles. 

In addition, a few sizes of spark plugs are employed for more specialized engines, including the 14mm plugs, which are used in modern European and Asian engines. And the 18mm, which is very popular on motorbikes, and 7/8′′, may be easily found on tractors of the farmers and in vintage models. 

The Size and Applications of a 14mm Spark Plug Socket

We had experienced a question from different categories of our consumers, and that is what size socket for 14mm spark plug? 

This 14 mm socket plug is utilized in a wide range of automobiles, and the queue is long, we must say. The BMW Mini sits at the top of the list, with two Peugeot models following closely behind. 

The Renault 1.2 16V engine is ranked third, while the Mercedes-Benz M156 engine, one of the most pioneering and well-known manufacturers, is ranked fourth. Finally, the list concludes with the name of the BMW N54 engine from 2006 and some Citroen automobiles.

Few Things Worth Mentioning

Finally, and probably most importantly, there are a few factors worth noting so that you never have to encounter any issues. 

  • Since the 1990s, the majority of automobile manufacturers have used 16-21 spark plugs, and these sizes may still be found in repair shops and among other places. So when you are choosing one for your vehicle, this range will make your work half done. 
  • The differences between the regular and deep variation should be considered as the second factor considered. Take a visit to the placement of the spark plugs in your car engine. Is it right at the top, and is it easy to get to? If you answered yes, you should get the standard edition. Or is it somewhat recessed? If that’s the case, you’ll need a deep socket to get to the right spot. 
  • The third and last consideration is the thickness of the wall or the space surrounding the spark plug. Sockets are available in a multitude of thicknesses to ensure that you can reach the plug with ease and without any bummer. 


Is the spark plug wire’s length important?

Yes, it certainly does since voltage lowers as the length of conducting wire expands. The greater the length, the more resistance the electrons will encounter. In addition, extra-long wires can be a concern since they may come into contact with other parts, causing engine friction to cause them to burn. Therefore, it’s ideal to keep the wire as short as possible.

Is the diameter of all spark plugs the same?

Spark plugs are available in a variety of sizes. The first crucial point to remember is that there is no such thing as a standard size. Go through the maintenance manual, measure it, or consult with the owner’s manual to precisely determine the size of the socket needed for the specific type of spark plug!

Why is it so important to align the spark plugs?

Excess heat, breaking, metal fatigue, and carbonization of the plug are a few of the major issues that can all be caused by improper plug alignment. A plug that is over-torqued with its socket is also a common cause of many industrial spark plug issues. So, to avoid all of these complications, it’s significant that spark plugs are properly aligned.


To round off, although spark plugs are tiny components and cost a little, they shoulder a great responsibility when it comes to carrying out critical activities. So, if a spark plug misfires in some way, it will inadvertently influence the entire engine, causing it to stop running.

It’s a no-brainer to replace one, and it won’t take up a huge chunk of your time. The most essential thing to remember is that you must select the correct spark plug socket size.

We expect and feel that this article has assisted you in learning what size spark plug socket to search for as well as all of the potential ins and outs on this subject.

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