5 Best Spark Plug For 50cc Scooter In 2023 – Buying Guide

Best Spark Plug For 50cc Scooter

“To save money and time while enjoying maximum comfort,” is a common response from 50cc scooter riders when I ask why they ride a 50cc scooter rather than a 100cc, 125cc, or higher, or even why not cycle.

But fuel leakage, improper ignition, and a misfire in an engine can decrease the mileage, slow the start, and hang the engine. It will not only kill your time but your money as well. And the right spark plug can fix all the issues in a second.

That’s why we are here with our top 5 best spark plugs for 50cc scooter engines. We chose these 5 spark plugs considering all the major features that professionals recommend as standard. Take a tour!

Our Top 5 Picks:

Our Top Choice

AloneGoer A7RTC Spark Plug For 50cc Scooter

High Durability

OEM Replacement Spark Plug For 50cc Scooter By NGK

Overall Advantage

X-PRO A7TC Spark Plug For 50cc Scooter

Best Ignition Rate

NGK C7HSA Spark Plug For Small Engines

Best Budget

NGK 50cc Chinese Scooter Spark Plug

1. Top Choice: AloneGoer A7RTC CR7HSA Spark Plug For 50cc Scooter

Brand: AloneGoer | Weight: 3.2 ounces | Dimensions: ‎3.7 x 2.6 x 0.8 inches | Material: Copper | Vehicle Service Type: Scooter, Motorcycle

AloneGoer A7RTC CR7HSA Motorcycle Spark Plug

What We Like

  • Top-notch Features
  • Non-vibrant 
  • Bike Quality Engineering
  • Continuous Ignition

What We Don’t Like

  • A single purchase is not possible
  • Low Gapping

This spark plug by AloneGoer is our top pick on the list for a reason. With high performance, top-notch features, and our user experience- combining all, it stood first on our list.

First of all, this spark plug is of bike quality. That is why it is possible to start the engine faster and accelerate more smoothly and steadily, which is of course good for a 50 or 49cc scooter engine.

Again, the low-cc engine has a common issue of unwanted noise and vibration. With this spark plug, one can fix this issue excellently. Our professional riders especially recommend the quality of this spark plug.

Moreover, its core quality is brilliant, and for a healthy and long lifespan, it’s very much recommended by its former users. As a result, you can put your trust in experts and professionals for this spark plug.

2. High Durability: OEM Replacement Spark Plug For 50cc Scooter By NGK

Brand: NGK | Weight: ‎0.81 ounces | Dimensions: ‎3.2 x 1.4 x 0.9 inches | Material: Metal | Vehicle Service Type: ATV, Scooter

NGK-CR7HSA Spark Plug

What We Like

  • Built-in Quality
  • Single Piece Purchase
  • Plug Spacing
  • Core Material

What We Don’t Like

  • Outer Alloy Material
  • Packaging

50cc engines, especially scooter engines have vibration issues due to their lack of combustion space. So, the durability of the spark plug is a precondition for the engine’s long run. That’s why we listed this replacement spark plug by NGK as our second choice.

Most of the time, we opt for brands as we believe brands do not compromise quality. Surprisingly, many brands failed our test where this Spark plug is concerned.

This lightweight and compact spark plug meets almost all of the standards, including a copper core, a hard metallic alloy, and proper spacing for scooter engines.

NGK scooter spark plugs are trustworthy for their durability and top performance as they’re a Japanese brand. But you can compare it with the others on the list.

3. Overall Advantage: X-PRO A7TC Spark Plug For 50cc Scooter

Brand: X-PRO | Weight: ‎‎0.81 ounces | Dimensions: ‎3.4 x 1 x 0.8 inches | Material: Metal | Vehicle Service Type: ATV, Scooter

A7TC Plug Spark

What We Like

  • Standard Features
  • Ribbed Insulator Design
  • Plug Spacing

What We Don’t Like

  • High Price
  • Made for 4 stroke engines

In the field of spark plugs, X-PRO is a tough competitor. We tested their A7TC spark plug in our 50cc variant, and it did not disappoint.

Usually, this A7TC series is made for 50cc 4-stroke engines. But it can easily fit into any 50cc engine, as we found in our test.

It’s got a metallic outer alloy, smooth start assistance, and a core metal. According to users, it has a good performance record in every aspect.

But its pricing is a bit high, though we think your investment will not go to waste as it will provide you with benefits overall.

4. Best Ignition Rate: NGK C7HSA Spark Plug For Small Engines

Brand: NGK | Weight: ‎‎‎0.319 ounces | Dimensions: ‎3 x 3 x 0.2 inches | Material: Metal | Vehicle Service Type: ATV, Scooter


What We Like

  • OEM product
  • Affordable Price
  • High Ignition Rate

What We Don’t Like

  • Packaging
  • Fouling Rate

Ignition is what a spark park does, and proper and rapid ignition is what we need and expect from a branded spark plug. Interestingly, this C7HSA model spark plug by NGK provides it all.

This spark plug is a standard quality spark plug. Its wire measurement to the ground electrode, is all set to perform smoothly.

Its core material is copper, which is also famous for its high melting point. This provides a good heat rate and ensures rapid ignition.

But what is a drawback is its fouling. Sometimes you may experience a misfire. However, in an 80-thousand-mile ride, the percentage of people in that situation is less than 5%. So, you can think of it. 

5. Best Budget: NGK 50cc Chinese Scooter Spark Plug

Brand: Gxcdizx | Weight: ‎‎‎‎0.8 ounces | Dimensions: ‎0.9 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches | Material: Metal | Vehicle Service Type: ATV, Scooter


What We Like

  • Affordable Price
  • OEM Product
  • Suitable to All Engineering

What We Don’t Like

  • Spark Plug Size 
  • Pre-Plug Gapping

Investing in a 50cc scooter spark plug makes us think a lot. It is a small investment, but the performance of an engine depends on it.

As a result, we listed this NGK 50cc Chinese Scooter spark plug because it appears to be ideal in terms of price. Basically, you are getting all the features that a standard spark plug should have on a friendly budget.

It has a remarkable review for proper sparking, increasing mileage, and smoothing the ride. Though it seems poorer than the OEM replacement plug, we found both are almost similar.

However, with such pricing, this one can be a satisfying purchase.

Importance of Choosing the Right Spark Plug

To know the importance of the right spark plug, first knowing the engine is a must. We know the engine is a visible converter that converts power to motion. 

Here, power means heat and pressure. Basically, a compressed air-fuel mixture produces the power that converts into motion. Here, in the production of power, the spark plug plays a key role as a motivator.

The air and fuel combination in the combustion chamber is ignited by the spark plug. This ensures that the vehicle’s engine has adequate power to start.

Now coming to the main point. Every engine capacity is different and it’s identified by the engine’s cubic capacity or CC. The higher the cc, the higher the conversion of power to move.

That indicates the demand for ignition is not always the same. Small engines like 49cc or 50cc require a spark plug of different sizes, gaps, and capacities as it needs less ignition than the higher one.

That’s why choosing the right spark plug for your engines is important. Especially, when you are looking for a 50cc scooter spark plug.

Copper, Iridium, Or Platinum: Which Spark Plug Is Better?

Well, there is sharp competition among these three types of spark plugs. Let us show you a comparison so that you can pick the better one!

Comparison BaseCopper Spark PlugPlatinum Spark PlugIridium Spark Plug
USER DEMANDMostly UsedLess than Copper spark plug due to high priceLess than Copper spark plug due to high price
Heat ProductionHighMediumMedium
Heat ControlLowHighHigh
Misfire RateLittleVery lowNot
Life SpanPoorHigher than Copper spark plugHigher Than Platinum spark plug
Firing EfficiencyAverageHighHigher than Platinum
AvailabilityMostNot available everywhereNot always available everywhere

If you see the comparison chart, copper spark plugs have the highest demand but less efficiency than platinum and iridium spark plugs. But the platinum and iridium spark plugs have less demand due to their high price and limited availability. 

Additionally, copper spark plugs are less efficient than platinum and iridium spark plugs. And also, the lifespan of the copper spark plug is less than that of platinum, and the Iridium spark plugs are longer than the copper and platinum spark plugs. Now, choose wisely which one is superior.

One-Line Suggestion

If you notice all 5 spark plugs, you will notice a common thing: the plug seems the same. That means there are not many differences between them, so you can choose yours confidently.   

How We Made This Review

For a long time, we, a team of mechanical, technical, and marketing experts, along with professional riders, did our research for a long period. During the research, we applied several spark plugs from various brands like NGK, X-PRO, ACDelco, Champion, and FVRITO to our 50cc scooters. And finally, after investigating all the required factors, we chose those 5 spark plugs each as the best 50cc scooter spark plug.

Doubts To No-Doubt

How can I know if my spark plug is bad?

There are some factors to determine if your spark plug is bad or not. It’s not fit the same, but if your engine has poor fuel economy, unusual noises, hard starting, and poor performance, then you can consider that your spark plug is bad. 

How often should I change my 50cc scooter spark plug?

Powerful engines like 212cc, 250cc, and 500cc need a spark plug change after every 30 thousand to 50 thousand miles of running. But in a 50cc scooter engine, you can change the plug after 80 to 100 thousand miles of running. 

Will changing the spark plug increase the engine’s power?

It’s a very common misconception that changing the spark plug increases engine power. Well, it’s not like that. Actually, new spark plugs don’t increase the power, but rather improve the performance, smooth the starting, and increase the fuel economy.

Can I replace the spark plug by myself?

Yes, you can replace the spark plug by yourself. Just use a spark plug wrench, a spark plugs gapping tool, and a cloth. Use the wrench to remove and reinstall the old and new spark plugs. Use the gapping tool to measure the gap and that is how you can replace it by yourself.

Should I change the Spark Plug wire with the spark plug?

Not always, but if you’re changing your spark plug after a long period, then changing the spark plug wire is a must. Otherwise, a new spark plug cannot support the improvement of the engine’s performance alone.

Final Words

Our task is complete to guide you in choosing the best spark plug for 50cc scooter. Now, it’s your turn to make a choice for your daily road partner. 

However, we recommend you think about the AloneGoer A7RTC Spark Plug. It’s already in our top pick.

One last suggestion, do change your scooter’s spark plug after every 80000 to 100000 miles even less than that. It will keep the engine performance up.

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