How To Remove Stuck Spark Plug Boot (Symptoms & Techniques)

How To Remove Stuck Spark Plug Boot

If you notice that your vehicle’s plug boot is getting stuck, it might become too dangerous as it can cause engine malfunction or damage. A stuck plug boot can also cause small to severe accidents to happen to the car.

Knowing how to remove a stuck spark plug boot would be a great help if you do it yourself. This article will let you know about the symptoms of the issue and how to deal with it safely.

What are Spark Plug Boots?

A plug boot is a small but major mechanical part of a car that works as an ignition boot. It is also known as a coil boot.

The boot is mounted on the spark plugs, which connect the ignition coil to the plug. They are necessary because they work as a connector between the ignition coil and plug wires.

Symptoms of Stuck Spark Plug Boots

As boots are sensitive to handle, they might be damaged or get stuck to the wires if not checked regularly. When spark plug boot is stuck in the cylinder, you may notice the following signs or symptoms –

1. Rough Engine Idle

If you notice that your vehicle is not running smooth, there is a huge chance that the boots are stuck to the cylinders or wires. In this case, the engine’s RPMs will not be in a stable position, and they will jump asynchronously up and down.

2. Engine Surging

Stuck plug boots can cause engine surging after a certain period. When the engine is not supplied with enough fuel due to improper fuel pressure, engine surging occurs, affecting the durability of the engine in the long run. Besides, a driver can experience jerking due to engine surging.

3. Cracks on the Plug Wires

Often, stuck plug boots create cracks in the plug wires. It is a concerning issue as cracked plug wires are dangerous for the vehicle and can cause accidents when you start the vehicle.

4. Engine Hesitation

Engine hesitation defines such a situation when the engine’s combustion is not stable, and as a result, the engine faces internal burning. Stuck plug boots can give rise to engine hesitation if not removed from the cylinder or wires immediately. 

5. Reduced Engine Power

If the plug boots of any vehicle’s engine get stuck, it might reduce the power of the engine to some extent. You might not notice it immediately, but once it starts dropping slowly, you should take essential measures without any delay as it can reduce the engine’s stability and durability. 

6. Engine Misfiring

When the engine misfires, it can’t generate enough power for efficient driving. Stuck boots are one of the crucial reasons for misfiring issues.

Removing Stuck Plug Boot

After installing boots on top of the plug, they can get stuck due to several reasons. First, the heating and cooling of the engine can make the boots stuck. Besides, the rubber may stick to the plug even to the distributor electrode housing.

Applying improper techniques for removing stuck plug boots can cause damage to plug wires along with the cylinder in the engine. However, by following the right techniques and using the best spark plug boot removal tool, you can deal with the problem easily.

Step 1 – Finding the Boot

At first, find out which plug boot is stuck to the cylinder or metal wires. Then, notice the point of the plug wire and follow further instructions.

Step 2 – Using Dielectric Grease and Lubricant

You can use dielectric grease around the terminal of the plug wire. Deal with the affected wire slowly because it can lead to wire breakdown or engine malfunctions. Make sure the plug wire and the cap are getting enough lubricant. Otherwise, the spark plug cap won’t come off.

Step 3 – Twisting

Grab on the plug’s end with pliers, and make sure to put less strain on the wire. The wires might tear off the plug if you apply too much force. Now, twist the plug wire and slowly apply force. 

Step 4 – Pulling the Wire

If you rotate the wires while pulling, it helps disconnect the wire from the front end of the plug. Push down before pulling up the wires to help the lubricant work over the rubber until the plug wire comes off.

Step 5 – Using Plug Boot Removal Tool

With the help of a spark plug boot removal tool, you can easily remove the plug boot along with the wires. Then, if the boots break or any damage occurs, you can always replace them with a new one. Just place the boots slowly in the right position until it fits properly. 


How to remove spark plug wires that are stuck?

Grab the wires with your hand, and pull by twisting them slowly. You can also use any lubricant or car wax to remove the plug wires.

Is WD40 suitable for removing plug wires and boots?

WD40 works great for removing stuck plug boots and plug wires. But you can also use other lubricants as per your preferences.

How to keep spark plug boots from sticking?

Using any dielectric grease can be a solution to keep the plug boots from sticking.

Is it necessary to replace plug boots?

If you notice a breakdown of the plug boots, replacing them is necessary because they can cause damage to the engine.


The plug boots of any vehicle’s engine are sensitive components to deal with. So, stuck plug boots often create problems for the engine if not resolved immediately.

I hope this article provided you with some convenient methods of how to remove stuck spark plug boot so that dealing with the issue becomes a bit easier for you.

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