How To Clean Raised White Letter Tires – Method That Works Like Magic

How To Clean Raised White Letter Tires

Some people like pristine white letters on the tires, but it is very daunting to maintain that, especially for off-roaders.

If not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, dirt, dust, and mud because the white letters to fade away. So, whoever wants the white letters on their tires to shine like new, must learn how to clean white letter tires. 

And that is exactly what we have covered in this article. So without any further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Necessary Supplies for Tire Cleaning 

The supplies that you might need to clean your tire are: 

  • An ideal cleaner
  • Soft bristle brush
  • A fine Grit Sandpaper
  • Pressure Washer (Optional)
  • A fine grit Sandpaper

Wait a Minute – What Type of Cleaner Did You Pick

There are hundreds of tire and rim cleaners in the market, professionals know what they need, but beginners often get confused.

Most people go for tire cleaners that consist of aggressive chemical agents. It is true that cleaners with harsh chemicals do a thorough cleaning and don’t require much brushing. 

But the problem with such cleaners is, while cleaning, the chemical flow through the rubber and literally eats it. 

The process is slow, but if the tire is cleaned on a regular basis with harsh chemicals, then that will lead to cracks and rot, which is the end of the tire’s lifespan. 

So, What Kind of Cleaner Should You Pick Then

Even if gentle cleaners with less aggressive chemicals take time and a little more effort to clean the dirty white letters on the tire, they are still the best choice. And the only reason is they are not going to shorten the tire’s lifespan. 

One cleaning solution that is best for cleaning white letters on the tire is SOS pads. Due to their effectiveness, SOS pads are extremely popular among DIY vehicle detailers. 

The best part of SOS pads is they are made of steel wool and soap, with no harsh chemicals. 

And still gives effective and efficient cleaning. Moreover, this cleaning solution doesn’t require much brushing or scrubbing as well. 

Raised White Letter Tire Cleaning Process

Wet the Wheels The very first thing you would do is wet the tire. If you are an off-roader, then there is a high chance that the tires will have caked mud and grime. 

And if they are sitting there for a while, then they might go solid, making it hard to remove. In that case, you will need a pressure washer. 

Because with normal pressure, getting rid of those solid caked mud and grime will be time-consuming and hard. 

With a pressure washer, you will be able to loosen any dirt, mud, or grime build-up within a few seconds.

However, if you do not have a pressure washer, then a nozzle sprayer head can be a good alternative. Attach that with a hosepipe and hit the tire with the max pressure. 

For commuter vehicles, a nozzle sprayer will work just fine since the tire won’t have as much mud and grime as off-roading tires. 

1. Scrub With the Brush  

When the nozzle sprayer is not taking down the dirt and grime build-up, you will need to give a bit of hand there. 

Take the brush and scrub off all the dirt. Run the brush through every nook and crannies. 

Scrub well and make sure the white letters and the entire tire are free from dirt, mud, and grime. Be very careful choosing the brush. Do not use a brush that might scratch or wear the tire. 

Go for a soft bristle brush. A used toothbrush should work. 

2. Apply the Cleaner

Take the cleaner and apply it to the white letters. If you want to clean the entire tire with the cleaner, you can do it too. 

Make sure you spread the cleaner everywhere. And then let the cleaning solution sit for a few minutes. 

3. Use the Brush

After a few minutes of applying the cleaner, now brush the white letters and the entire tire. If required, add more cleaning solutions. 

Brush as long as you don’t see the letters are getting whitish. How long you would need to brush depends on how bad the condition of the letters is. The dirtier they are, the more brushing you will need to do. 

4. Rinse with Water 

Once you are done brushing, rinse the tire with water. And if you don’t see a satisfying result, repeat the whole process again. If the white letters have turned yellow, you will need sandpaper scrubbing there. 

Take one fine-grit sandpaper and gently scrub on the letters. You will need to be very gentle here, you just want to take off the yellow coat from the letter. Putting more pressure while sanding can wear the white part off as well.

SOS pads should be enough to properly clean the white letters on the tires. But if you feel that’s not working, you can try a bit of harsh chemical consisting cleaners. 

Just make sure you don’t apply the solution to the entire tire. You don’t do it regularly. 

Doing that much should be enough to lighten up the white letters on the tire. 


What are the best products for cleaning white letters?

There are so many commercial cleaners out there on the market. But choosing the good one is a hard task to do. You can use Wesley’s Bleach-White, SOS pads, and fine sandpapers for cleaning the white letters from your tires.

Is it okay to keep the white letters on the tires?

The taste of people and trends keeps on coming and going. There was a time when white letters were supposed to be stylish. But now people have a different opinion about it. So, the choice is all yours.

Why are my white letters turning brown?

The reason behind turning your white letters into brown is an element called antiozonant. Some rubber tires use antiozonants to prevent oxidation and make them more durable.


Are you still here? Well, that’s pleasing.

We hope you learned how to clean raised white letter tires. The process is super easy, you just need to pick the right cleaner and do a little bit of brushing. That’s it.

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