Does Changing Spark Plug Wires Improve Performance?

Does Changing Spark Plug Wires Improve Performance

Now, we know your car or bike is dear to you. So, when the engine’s fuel economy goes wrong gets loud with acceleration issues, what do you do? Yes, you change your spark plugs!

However, does changing spark plug wires improve performance? Yes. Changing spark plugs can boost the performance of your vehicle. You’ll have a better acceleration great boost in the horsepower with lesser emission. 

How about you get a brief idea of the whole thing though. Let’s break down the changes you can get.

Old Vs. New Spark Plugs: The Difference

Even though you are now aware of the notable changes that occur in your vehicle when you remove spark plug wires that have gone old, let’s read why replacing old spark plugs with new ones is essential for several reasons. 

# Old Spark Plugs

Here, we have put together the signs you should most likely take as warning signals of replacing your old spark plugs with new ones.

Acceleration Issues

Spark plugs need to be changed every 30,000 to up to 150,000 depending on the type you choose to use conventional or iridium/platinum ones. 

Old spark plugs will eventually wear out and fail to conduct the necessary ignition needed to give your vehicle a smooth start.

Misfiring Engine

Lousy quality fuel and coil plug caps are mostly engine misfires. But, in many cases, has been seen that single spark plug that has worn out has led to such misfires.

Lound Engine

Rattles and noises from the engine indicate old spark plugs that have gone bad. You will hear these noises no matter how fast or slow you are driving.

Poor Fuel Economy

Old spark plugs fail to burn fuel to the maximum extent. This leads to the engine requiring more energy. You will realize this problem has occurred when you find yourself paying more at the gas station.

Light On of ‘Check Engine

When the check engine light is on, it can be due to many reasons. One of the major reasons is when the old spark plugs wear out and fail to conduct proper ignition inside the combustion chamber.

# New Spark Plugs

The tough and highly durable spark plugs play one the essential roles in boosting the performance of your engine. So, when you switch to new spark plugs, you will most likely see these noticeable changes in your vehicle.

Better Acceleration

When new spark plugs are installed, you will notice your vehicle starting smooth and being dynamic. The acceleration will give you the long-awaited fresh adrenaline.

More Horsepower

With new spark plugs, more spark will be supplied to the firing tip of the spark plugs. That way, your car will go up in horsepower, and its overall performance will be improved.

Prime Combustion

The pulses within the distributor and the new spark plugs travel with high voltage with the replacement. Thus, the mixture of the combustion system will operate at full potential.

Rich Fuel Economy

The new spark plugs will help burn fuel more effectively than ever and maximize fuel efficiency by about 30%. As a result, car performance will improve, and your wallet will not see much money leaving it.

Lesser Emissions

Installation of new spark plugs also helps you reduce air pollution by a little as they will not create many emissions to supply power to the engine.

Spark Plug Wire Upgrade: Why is It Necessary

In general, replacing spark plug wires helps you save fuel, money, and a lot of trouble that your engine might face. Let us tell you why upgrading the old spark plugs is vital after they have worn out.

Poor Performance: As explained above, old spark plugs will not burn enough fuel for your vehicle to operate optimally.

Radio Frequency Interference: Old spark plug wires would not function well when they wear out. The new carbon spark plugs will reduce the overall RFI of your vehicle.

Low Gas Mileage: Old spark plugs use more fuel while newer ones lead to better acceleration and achieve higher mileage.


Are higher-performance spark plug wires worth it?

Yes, definitely. It helps you save money, use less fuel, and cause less harmful emissions.

When to change spark plugs?

It depends on the type your vehicle uses. For example, traditional nickel-chromium spark plugs need to be changed every 30K to 50K miles, while iridium/platinum spark plugs can go up to 60K to 150K miles.

Does changing spark plug wires improve gas mileage?

Yes, new spark plug wires lead to more gas mileage as they help burn fuel more effectively than ever and maximize fuel efficiency by about 30%.


We hope that we have answered all your queries.

Additionally, our word of advice is that it would be wiser not to wait for long periods to have a car check done. Remember that a stitch in time saves nine; save yourself from the expensive repairs by maintaining the car properly.

Thus, look for the signs and get the spark plugs changed to hit the road with your smooth operating vehicle today.

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