Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs. Honda Passport: A Comparison Guide!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs. Honda Passport

Jeep’s Grand Cherokee is an excellent SUV with a wide variety of high-end features and a sophisticated multimedia system. On the other hand, the Honda Passport is a great option if you want a two-row midsize SUV. It is a short version of the well-liked Pilot, with a potent V6 engine and driving dynamics.

However, a midsize crossover’s interior is perfect for couples and small families that don’t require a lot of space for passengers or cargo. There are many great options for transportation in 2022, but the Honda Passport and Jeep Grand Cherokee stand out for their capability to handle a wide range of terrains and weather conditions.

Read the following article for more details about Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. Honda passport.

Overview of Jeep Grand Cherokee

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee is among the finest sport utility vehicles. It has a sophisticated, high-quality interior with comfortable seats, a wide variety of luxurious options, and a top-notch information and entertainment system. Additionally, it offers a great combination of off-road ability and on-road ride and driving attributes.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has an average reputation for reliability. Regarding dependability, Repair Pal ranked it 15th out of 26 midsize SUVs assessed across several model years. The Jeep Grand Cherokee got rated 3.5 out of 5 possible points.

The Grand Cherokee has an estimated lifespan of 20 years or 200,000 kilometers, making it a reliable and cost-effective vehicle choice.

Overview of Honda Passport

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The Honda Passport’s 3rd position in the Midsize SUV ranking is based solely on its performance inside that category. This vehicle not only won the title of 2022’s Best 2-Row SUV for Families, but it also placed in the top five for the title of 2022’s Best 2-Row SUV for the Money.

The torque-vectoring All-Wheel Drive and independent suspension, along with the 420 Horsepower V-6 engine, make for a formidable combination. Also, the Honda Passport’s Trail Sport wheels are designed to hold up to everything from a large sunroof to rough terrain.

The Honda Passport comes equipped with a wide variety of entertaining and soothing technology extras. You can use the built-in navigation system or sync your phone with available support for Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM* to stay working in your preferred applications even while on the road.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs. Honda Passport: A Brief Comparison

The next part will include a detailed analysis of the Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. Honda Passport regarding their specific features. 

Fuel Economy and Power

Jeep’s Grand Cherokee is available with your choice of three engines: a powerful V8, a regular V6, or a plug-in hybrid with up to 26 miles of all-electric range. Models with a V6 engine generate a respectable 293 hp, while V8 models deliver 357 hp, and the 4XE plug-in hybrid generates 375 hp.

The Honda Passport has a V6 engine that displaces 3.5 liters and produces 280 hp. The nine-speed automatic transmission is available with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Again, the Passport can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.8 seconds.

The Grand Cherokee is your best bet regarding power and fuel economy, as it has more options than its competitors, making it appealing to a wider audience.


Due to its low-range gear, four-wheel drive, and optional air suspension, the Grand Cherokee is an excellent vehicle for off-road driving, with a ground clearance of up to 11.3.

Moreover, adults can fit in all rows of the Grand Cherokee without being cramped, but it can’t equal the Passport’s interior space. The back row reclines, and ventilation and heating are options for each seat. Despite having a noisier wind and tire than SUVs of a comparable price range, the ride is comfortable over rough roads.

Honda Passport easily accommodates a party of five adults. The front seats have the option of heating and ventilation, and the back seats can recline and have heating as an option. The Passport’s maximum ground clearance of 8.1 inches isn’t especially outstanding, but it’s enough for most off-road conditions.

If properly outfitted, the maximum trailer weight the Honda Passport can tow is 5,000 pounds. It is sufficient for pulling a lightweight to a medium-weight trailer.

Compared to the Grand Cherokee’s regular power windows, the Passport’s front power windows are superior due to their ability to open and close with a single button. It’ll be convenient to have the Honda Passport on hand in drive-through windows, toll booths, and other situations when you’ll need to interact with people outside your vehicle.

Again, the Qi wireless phone charging system is included in the Honda Passport’s center console, allowing passengers to keep their electronic gadgets powered up fast and without the hassle of tangled connections. On the Grand Cherokee, it costs extra to charge wirelessly.

However, the Honda Passport beats the Grand Cherokee in Comfort owing to its roomy interior and other special features.

Cargo Capacity

The jeep Cherokee has a cargo capacity of only 37.7 cubic feet when all of the seats in the rear are folded down, but the Passport has a capacity of 41.2 cubic feet. 

Compared to the Grand Cherokee, the Passport provides a much larger cargo capacity when the back seats are folded down. The Passport’s cargo volume is 77.7 cubic feet, while the Grand Cherokee’s is 70.8 cubic feet.

Tires and Wheel

The Passport TrailSport’s standard tires are superior to the Grand Cherokee Laredo because they feature a lower 60 series profile, significantly increasing the sidewalls’ tensile strength.

Standard on the Passport TrailSport is 18-inch wheels, which improve the car’s handling, ride comfort, and brake cooling. Standard Grand Cherokee Laredo models ride on relatively small 17-inch wheels.


The newest Grand Cherokee is more compact and has LED illumination standards. The Trailhawk package includes a tow-hooked front bumper, hood decals, and high-wall tires. The Grand Cherokee, in its Summit Reserve trim, not only has enough chrome to pass muster at the local historic car cruise but also appears capable of competing with premium brands.

When it first appeared, the Passport had a stockier silhouette than its more sober sibling, the PilotPilot. Honda gave it a new front end for 2022, modeling it after the one on the refreshed Ridgeline pickup. It’s squarer than the Jeep and has a hulking, boxy appearance. The Passport now comes in a new TrailSport grade, providing a more rugged appearance without compromising the vehicle’s performance.

Therefore, in terms of overall styling, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a superior option to the Honda Passport.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Jeep Grand Cherokee

The newly redesigned and updated Jeep Grand Cherokee has an extensive set of standard safety features like automatic braking, front collision warning, blind spot monitoring, and the ability to detect cyclists and pedestrians.While those sitting up front enjoy comfortable seating, those in the back are left wanting. The seat cushion of a Jeep Grand Cherokee is positioned extremely low, almost at floor level, which forces the rider to sit with the knees up riding position.       
The Grand Cherokee may not be the most thrilling SUV, but its rear-wheel-drive architecture makes it reasonably maneuverable for its size. The hefty Jeep Grand Cherokees have pillars that can obstruct the driver’s vision of the front sides, and an obstructive rearview mirror makes the situation much more difficult.
The Grand Cherokee comes standard with Uconnect 5, the latest version of Stellantis’ excellent infotainment system. The design, being both user-friendly and responsive, retains both soft keys and physical controls like a volume dial and tuning controls.When driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, neither Wi-Fi nor a wired phone connection can activate Apple CarPlay. This eliminates any possibility of using electronic means of communication with the vehicle.
The Grand Cherokee continues Stellantis’ recent success with interior materials and quality. The Palermo leather-upholstered and wood-and-metal-detailed cabin of the top-tier Summit Reserve test vehicle are sophisticated and attractive.
The new Jeep Grand Cherokee’s V-8 is significantly less potent than its predecessor, but still delivers more than enough power and, as a bonus, makes that familiar V-8 sound as it works. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Honda Passport 

The Passport’s suspension is fine-tuned to provide its occupants with the most comfortable ride possible. The suspension adequately mutes all body motions, and even the tiniest bumps are kept out of the cabin. Hondas are known for their excellent fuel efficiency; however, the Passport falls short in this regard. The EPA estimates combined fuel efficiency for AWD cars to be 21 mpg, with 24 mpg on the interstate and 19 mpg in the city. The FWD variants are only significantly more efficient. 
Even while the Passport’s front seats don’t offer a lot of side bolstering, they are nicely shaped and cushioned. They’re roomy across the hips and thighs, so even individuals with a fuller figures should feel comfortable in them.While most people won’t have any trouble with the Passport’s load height, those on the smaller side may find it an issue. If you need to load something significant into the cargo hold, you’ll have a long way to reach the vehicle’s top.
The sporty performance of the Passport on the road matches its new robust appearance. Its handles and corners are better than the conventional two-row SUV overall. Additionally, the Passport is simple to operate in confined situations and has quick response times when the driver makes a turn.The stopping power of the Passport is its only flaw. Our only real complaint is the mushy brakes, which otherwise provide a near-perfect driving experience. And if you hit the brakes too hard and fast, you’ll have a significant nosedive.
The tri-zone HVAC system adds a layer of convenience to the Honda passport. The temperature there is raised and maintained at a steady state. Heated front seats are standard on all levels, with ventilation added to the Elite’s luxury package.
The Passport’s infotainment touchscreen is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s simple to see what’s on the screen without squinting, and the menus are straightforward. A relatively low learning curve is to be expected with this technology.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs. Honda Passport: Which One is Better!

The Honda Passport comes highly recommended by consumers because of its high level of safety, convenient amenities, dependable performance, and enjoyable interior.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes in a wide range of trims and pricing. While the starting price of $40,120 is competitive, the higher trim levels’ lack of standard equipment makes them less attractive. Although the Grand Cherokee’s build quality isn’t up to pace, even the costliest models are priced like luxury automobiles.

For 2022, Honda will no longer offer the Sport level; instead, the Passport will only be available in its most popular EX-L version. The EX-L costs $41,195 and has upscale features, including a power sunroof, heated front seats, leather upholstery, and driver assistance systems. These features and the Passport’s high-quality materials and construction make it an excellent buy. 

Overall, the Passport has all the expected features and comes at a fair price. So, this Honda Passport is the best option in terms of cost and value.


Even though the Jeep Grand Cherokee has a higher level of luxury and more standard features, it is outclassed by the Honda Passport due to the latter’s superior ride quality and lower price. Simply put, the Passport is a two-row, more capable variant of the Pilot.

Although it can’t accommodate as many passengers as its larger companion, the Passport’s interior is spacious and has enough capacity for a family. In conclusion, when comparing Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. Honda Passport, the 2022 Honda Passport is the superior option to go with.

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