Hymer Revamps Camper Vans: Mercedes Vs. Fiat Chassis

Mercedes Vs Fiat Chassis

HYMER is well known for modernizing the functional Camper Van. These Hymer Camper Vans, built on Fiat chassis updated recently to improve the way they look, the amenities inside, and how they work with technology. The sleek, quick, and attractive Fiat basic chassis camper van is a worthy companion on any journey.

In addition, Mercedes is always a brand that stands for something, thanks to its commitment to technological advancement and high quality. Due to their spacious interiors, numerous useful features, and adaptability, high-end Mercedes-Hymer camper vans are in high demand.

This article will cover some models of Fiat chassis, and Mercedes Hymer revamps Camper vans with all the ins and outs.

About the Camper Vans of Hymer

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The Hymer camper vans are especially renowned for maximizing internal space without sacrificing the comfort of their occupants. There are anti-lock brakes, driver and passenger airbags in the front seats, and traction control on every Hymer camper van. You can enjoy the freedom of impromptu travel in an HYMER Camper Free, outfitted with all the comforts of home.

The following section of the Hymer camper van discusses the sizing and a few additional van variants.

Hymer Camper Van Sizing

Hymer camper vans offer larger dimensions, additional storage space, and various conveniences. These features are indispensable for extended car trips or general storage. In addition, compact models are less hassle to drive and store in confined spaces like garages and parking lots.

Models of Hymer camper vans come in the following sizes:

  • L (0ver 6 meters long)
  • M (from 5.5 to 6.00 meters long)

What Hymer Revamps Camper Vans Are Available

In the following, we’ve included a list of camper van models along with some basic specs for your perusal:

1. HYMER CamperVans Fiat

Image Credit: hymer.com

Fiat-based camper vans are adaptable enough for both city driving and off-roading. Fiat-based Hymer camper vans combine heavy-duty chassis with modern utility and connection enhancements. Additionally, they allow you to camp “off-grid” for extended periods when you are self-sufficient.

  • Price From: 67.900 €
  • Technically allowable maximum loaded mass from: 3.500 Kg
  • Width From: 208 cm
  • Length From: 541 cm
  • Sleeping Berths: 2-5
  • Height From: 260 cm

2. HYMER Free S Blue Evolution

Image Credit: hymer.com

Any curious newbies to camping will find the HYMER Free S Blue Evolution to be the ideal model. The sleek, athletic silhouette and sophisticated design provide unparalleled adaptability. You can pack up and head out on your camping trip right away because of the spacious and adaptable interior that can accommodate up to four people.

  • Price From: 88.400 €
  • Technically allowable maximum loaded mass from: 3.500 kg
  • Width From: 206 cm
  • Length From: 593 cm
  • Sleeping Berths: 4 – 5
  • Height from: 278 cm

3. HYMER Grand Canyon S CrossOver

Image Credit: hymer.com

Due to the extensive collection of practical extras that come standard on the Grand Canyon S CrossOver edition model, this vehicle makes for the ideal travel companion while venturing into unfamiliar territory. You are not restricted in where you go and can maintain your independence for up to ten days at a time, thanks to the suspension raise and four-wheel drive.

  • Price From: 122.600 €
  • Technically allowable maximum loaded mass from: 3.880 kg
  • Width From: 206 cm
  • Length From: 593 cm
  • Sleeping Berths: 2 – 4
  • Height From: 285 cm

4. HYMER Free

Image Credit: hymer.com

The HYMER Free series of CamperVans is designed with the comfort of their occupants in mind, making them the ideal choice for the spontaneous traveler. The HYMER Free’s modern exterior, spacious inside, and high-quality furniture make it the perfect travel companion for people of any height. It can also come with a sleeping roof at your request, providing instant access to four sleepers.

  • Price From: 61.500 €
  • Technically allowable maximum loaded mass from: 3.500 kg
  • Width From: 208 cm
  • Length From: 541 cm
  • Sleeping Berths: 2 – 5
  • Height From: 260 cm

5. HYMER Free 600 Campus

Image Credit: hymer.com

The eye-catching multicolor scheme on this HYMER Free 600 Campus camper van creates a great adds dash of style to any adventure. The HYMER Free 600 Campus is versatile enough to accompany you on overseas trips, in the office, or even to the local shopping center. Thanks to the large pop-top roof and ISOFIX anchors for car seats, the trip may be enjoyed by all.

  • Price From: 76.400 €
  • Technically allowable maximum loaded mass from: 3.500 kg.
  • Width From: 208 cm
  • Length From: 599 cm
  • Sleeping Berths: 4 – 5
  • Height From: 270 cm

Hymer Camper Vans on a Mercedes Chassis

Here is the Hymer revamps camper vans on a Mercedes chassis. Though Fiat chassis are the winners Mercedes ones are the true definition of luxury. 

1. HYMER Free S

Image Credit: hymer.com

Whether you’re headed to the big city, the mountains for a sporting event, or the seaside for a relaxing vacation, the HYMER Free S will get you there in comfort and style. The combination of its potent engine, advanced auxiliary technologies, and the Mercedes 9G automated transmission allows it to meet or exceed any need.


The bed in this camper van pulls out, making it easy to get in and out of bed
Electric septic tank drainage pumps are installed in this camper van
The interior of this camper van is contemporary and bright, with white furniture, silvery accents, and stylish laminates
The living space in this camper van is up to 2 meters in height
The Mercedes’ front-wheel drive provides superior efficiency and handling in all weather situations

2. HYMER Grand Canyon S

Image Credit: hymer.com

Travelers who place a premium on style and comfort behind the wheel will find the HYMER Grand Canyon S an excellent choice. This camper van is equipped with everything you need for a weekend getaway, including a unique 90 l compressor refrigerator, improved noise insulation, and better heat insulation.

The inside of the HYMER Grand Canyon S, completed in Chiavenna Walnut, is a sight for sore eyes and a breath of fresh air for the modern traveler. You can instantly alter the units and the seasonal illumination to your liking. This van’s Mercedes-Benz chassis makes it an excellent pick for long- and short-distance travel.

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It comes equipped with a multitude of built-in safety features and aids
The camper van’s kitchen is expansive and equipped with a large fridge
Mercedes’ powerful rear-wheel-drive system provides aggressive handling and nimble handling comfort
A pop-top roof adds a new dimension to the space, creating the feeling of two separate rooms
This camper van offers four-wheel drive as an add-on option

Hymer Camper Vans on a Fiat Chassis

Here are the Hymer Fiat chassis camper vans. These are super affordable and perfect fits for long time usage. All these vans are so elegantly built and have stylish looks.

1. Hymer Ayers Rock

Image Credit: YouTube.com

The Ayers Rock’s spacious interior provides all the amenities you need for a relaxing road trip. This model is fantastic thanks to its extensive and well-designed rear sleeping area. Also, it has a well-equipped bathroom with a folding sink and a fixed toilet. The appointed kitchen of this camper van has plenty of counter space, including a sink and a 65-liter compressor fridge.

The HYMER Ayers Rock offers outstanding mobility and adaptability at less than five and a half meters in length.

Moreover, this one-of-a-kind Ayers Rock boasts impressive features, such as a Black metallic exterior paint job, a dual-din satellite communication control unit, and an external bike rack. This model camper van is well optimized, making it a fantastic option for traveling to isolated places.


This camper van has a powerful, effective engine
The pull-out bred ladder is a storage partition in this design feature
This camper van has a large freshwater tank, wastewater tanks, and insulation on the floor
The one-piece disc-spring mattress inside the camper van is one of the most comfortable in its class
The optional Hymer Smart Battery System 2.0 adds up to 240 Ah of power, allowing for more freedom

2. Hymer Yellowstone Campers Van

Image Credit: YouTube.com

The Hymer Yellowstone, based on a Fiat Ducato, is excellent in terms of comfort, comfort level, and design. The unique pop-top system of this camper van allows it to be converted into an actual 4-berth vehicle, which is a huge plus.

Thanks to its innovative comfort sleeping system, you can sleep soundly and in style in this Hymer camper van, which includes a luxurious cold foam mattress, a high-quality sprung mattress foundation, and elegant fabric-lined wall coverings.

The little bathroom in this camper van features a fixed toilet and a foldable washbasin, giving you plenty of room to shower. The kitchen is large enough for you to make dinner for four people here quickly.

With this camper van, you will have everything you need to make every journey an adventure, from comfortable beds to relaxing lighting and fabric-covered walls.


An extendable ladder in the bed provides additional storage space
This camper van’s ideal Hymer smart battery has a 2.0 rating and a capacity of up to 240 Ah, which can increase self-sufficiency
The improved hot air circulation and greater insulation give this camper van a pleasant interior ambiance and feel-good factor
Electric waste water tank drainage is available in these camper vans
The Fiat engine in this camper van is effective and strong

Comparison: Mercedes Vs. Fiat Chassis

Comparing Mercedes and Fiat chassis for camper vans, Fiat comes out on top. The Fiat chassis camper van has brought about this change, completely transforming the versatile camper van. The interior designs of Hymer camper vans built on fiat chassis are both stylish and practical, making full use of the van’s cargo and travelers’ capacities. Unlike Mercedes’ Hymer camper vans, Hymer camper vans produced on a Fiat chassis provide broader layouts and customization options.


Is Hymer any good?

Many companies offer mobile travel and leisure vehicles, but Hymer is at the forefront of the market and can help you find the best option for your needs. Hymer is at the forefront of the motorhome business because their vehicles are unsurpassed in safety and comfort. Hymer recreational vehicles are cutting edge and futuristic, making them a great choice.

Is buying a camper van worth it?

Buying a campervan can be smart if you plan to use it frequently and maintain it well. Used campervans that have been well-maintained always command a greater price than their neglected counterparts. You can also rent out your campervan if you wish to recoup some of your initial investment.

How do I choose a camper van?

If you want a used camper van, consider the following advice.

1. Rust: This makes it more challenging to clean and prolongs the need for maintenance.
2. The age of the camper van: newer models of camper vans will have more safety measures than older ones.
3. Concerns unique to the vehicle – There may be recurring problems with specific makes and models from certain years.

What’s the difference between a campervan and a motorhome?

Unlike a campervan, a motorhome often has a bigger body (like a bus, truck, or large van) and may accommodate more people. Compared to other vans, campervans are usually smaller, more simplistic, and more like regular vans.

Final Verdict

Among camper vans, the Hymer is frequently selected. This is likely because they are small, comfortable, and cutting-edge. Also, the Hymer camper vans are distinguished from their competitors by their emphasis on security.

On the above explanation, I have endeavored to incorporate all Hymer Revamp Camper Van models, including those based on Mercedes and Fiat chassis. I hope that this information aids you in selecting the most suitable camper van.

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