How To Clean Oxidized Chrome Rims With Polishing Tips?

Car Oxidized Chrome Rim

A wheel’s rim is the circular ring that supports the tire. The chrome rims polish becomes dull and pitted because of oxidation. Steel wheel oxidation is generated by chemical reactions involving air and water, which lead the metal rims to get rust.

If you ask how to clean oxidized chrome rims, the answer is that you can use a solution of soapy water or vinegar. This concoction lets you easily remove any oxidation along with filth or grease on the wheels. One can also scrub off the rust on the wheels with a steel wood cushion.

You can also use warm water or a mixture of water and baking soda. Follow this article to learn how to properly clean Oxidized chrome rims step by step and get tips for easy maintenance.

How To Clean Oxidized Chrome Rims?

Over time, chrome oxidizes and develops rust stains. While chrome wheels with better grade chrome can withstand oxidation for a longer period of time, all chrome eventually corrodes. 

There are two methods for working with chrome that has been oxidized. Restoring the surface is the first option. If the chrome has been pitted due to oxidation, you will need to follow the steps below.

1. Clean it with Soap and Water


Step 1: To clean the chrome surface, just use soap and water.

Step 2: Use a Scotch Brite pad and plenty of water to get rid of the exterior oxidation.

Step 3: Soak the toothbrush by dipping it into the home cleanser that you poured into a dish or small container. You may get rid of the oxidation by scrubbing the affected areas.

Step 4: Clean the rims’ chrome with water. Wipe the chrome wheel thoroughly by rinsing it with clean water to wash away any remaining cleaning solutions or soap.

2. Clean it with Baking Soda


Chrome wheels with pitting may be cleaned effectively with several home treatments. You’ll need tap water and baking soda for this method. Combine them to form a thick paste.

These techniques for cleaning dirt off chrome tires with paste are easy, cheap methods for maintaining your car’s wheels to become sparkling like new.

3. Clean it with Aluminium Foil and Water


Aluminum foil is another simple home cure. This method, which uses tin foil and water to cleanse, is described by its name. To remove the little pits in the chrome of your wheels, soak a sheet of aluminum foil in fresh water and massage it onto the wheels. 

The foil will remove any oxidation or discoloration from the rims, restoring their original luster.

How To Polish the Oxidized Chrome Rims

After you have cleaned the oxidized chrome rims, it can be pretty tough to polish the shiny ones. Below are the processes for polishing Electroplated Chrome Rims and PVD Chrome Rims.

Polishing Electroplated Chrome Rims


You’ll see that a lot of the grime and contaminants have vanished after cleaning. While the wheel will seem brighter, its reflecting qualities will not improve to the desired degree.

Take out the bare iron polish and go to work. The polish will get rid of any rust, pits, water stains, deterioration, brake dust, or other exterior pollution.

Just use the highest quality steel wool you can find and give it a trial run on the inside barrel before committing to a full cleaning. Scuffs are possible if something more abrasive is used. 

You may always use a spare cotton towel or washcloth if you’re not sure of yourself, but you’ll have to put in more effort to get the same results. Either a mini or a portable drill fitted with the proper polishing equipment will do the trick. 

Large areas, such as the inner barrel, benefit greatly from their use, although the spokes are best attended to by hand. 

We suggest learning the ropes manually on the first rim, then moving on to motorized equipment if you need to get the job done more quickly. Check your progress every few hours and polish it until you’re happy with the outcome.

Polishing PVD Chrome Rims


Rims and exterior surfaces that have been clear-plated may be polished in much the same way. Using the similar paste and pads that you use for the rest of your body is OK.

You won’t accomplish much with a rotating tool, but with hard work and persistence, you can succeed. Polishing the rims should get rid of any lingering exhaust fumes, oxides, and small dents.

Chrome polishing chemicals and topcoat polishing solutions are quite different. Avoid using steel wool on the rim unless you intend to restore it.

There is no way to repair severe gouges that have worn through to the chrome coating underneath the topcoat or flaking clear coat. In order to prevent further damage, the best option is to polish off the damaged area and apply a new coating over it.


Although we have tried to cover all your interests in cleaning oxidized chrome rims, you may still have some questions. Let us look into some crucial information and frequently asked questions about Chrome rims below.

How to maintain chrome rims?

You should regularly clean chrome rims because stormwater, grit, and exhaust fumes may damage the rim topcoat. These oxidizing agents expose the chrome’s underlying alloy, creating cracking.

To preserve the chrome plating, wash the rims often. Harsh cleaners might damage the rim’s protecting covering. Effective UV protectants may avoid chrome cracking on automobile rims.

This treatment prevents sun damage to the rims’ clear finish. You may also use rust preventatives to safeguard your wheels.

Can I clean chrome rims using Windex?

Wheels are usually clear-coated. If you could never put anything on your enamel, don’t put it on your wheels. Since ammonia is the primary component of Windex, it should be safe for the clear coat. To remove wax, however, it must be used.

If I don’t take care of my chrome wheels, what will happen to them?

If you don’t take care of your chrome rims, they’ll rust around the casing and the seam. This will let the air out of your wheels and cause them to lose pressure.

They’ll also lose their luster, develop pits, and eventually peel off, revealing the underlying metal. 

Keep your chrome rims polished and free of scratches to lower the expense of premature rim replacement.


Chrome rims can easily become oxidized as it is exposed all the time. And once you get used to cleaning the rims, you’ll have beautiful results. By cleaning it properly, you’re extending the life of your chrome rims.

The chrome rims just need basic cleaning methods to keep their shine intact. And the quality of chrome rims may be restored by cleaning and treating the wheels with dish soap, sandpaper, metallic polish, and a clear varnish.

In my opinion, the most eye-catching feature of your car is its gleaming wheel caps. Unfortunately, pitting may diminish the shiny look if it is not prevented. But with enough effort, you can have your old appearance back in no time.

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