How To Wash A Black Car Without Scratching It – Easy Methods!

Wash A Black Car Without Scratching

While washing a black car, you want to make it look shiny, sleek, and crystal-clear. Creating spots or scratching them is not the mistake you’d want to make. Since aesthetic features are visible on black surfaces, you must maintain extra care.

And to wash a black car without scratching it, you need to use a soft, high-quality microfiber towel. You can use ultra-soft sponges for the same purpose. You can also use clay bars or car waxes for the best results.

Since modern cars use a clear-coat paint that stays on top of the actual color, you don’t have to worry about it. But to stay careful, you can follow the tips and tricks we shared in this article.

How to Wash a Black Car Without Scratching It? Step-by-step Guide

While there are various unique ways you can wash your black car without leaving any scratches, we are going to focus on a very easy method. You will need a car wash solution, wash mitts, a clay bar, car wax, a bucket, and a microfiber cloth. 

Step 1: Wash the car with just water

Your first job is to give your black car a thorough bath without soap. The ideal approach is to begin from the rear and go forward to the head. You can use a water bucket or hose for that.

Make sure that the place where you wash your car is spacious and has a drainage system. While pouring the water, aim at places with dirt or mud strains. The wheel is often the dirtiest part, so don’t forget to wash that.

Step 2: Apply soap thoroughly

With the help of a car wash solution or soap, you need to cover the entire body of your car. You can use a bucket full of water with washing materials mixed in it. Then, with the help of a wash mitt, soak the solution and apply it to your black car.

Step 3: Use a clay bar to remove strains

Look for stubborn stains on your car. Then, use a clay bar to scrub at those spots. This is where the most crucial part comes in. You need to scrub your car as gently as possible. If you apply pressure with any scrubber, it might leave scratches on your black car.

Step 4: Rinse off the car

Starting from the top, rinse your black car, so that no washing residue is left on the surface. You can use a hose or a bucket full of clean water for this task.

Step 5: Dry the car

You can dry your black car using a microfiber cloth, soft towel, or ultra-soft sponge. Remember the key rule – apply gentle pressure on the car body. It would be best to wipe it quickly but with much extra care.

Step 6: Apply wax

There are many car waxes, such as liquid, paste, and spray. Now, apply a layer of wax to prevent your black car from possible future scars. This will also give your automobile a shiny appearance. 

Expert’s Tips for Washing a Black Car Without Scratching It

To be extra careful, you must maintain some things while washing your black car. Not only would that prevent scratches, but it would also help to make your car look shiny and clean. For that, follow the expert’s suggestions described below.

Lubricate the clear coat

You can use car shampoo to give plenty of lubrication. It will help the car to prevent scratches while washing. Dragging the dust or staining it along the surface can create spots, which you can prevent by using lubrication.

Use a top-to-bottom approach

While washing your black car, always start from the top. Since most of the mud stains and dirt spots can be at the lower end of the car, washing it from the upside will prevent the car from transferring the dirt from the blow.

Choosing the right scrubber

Microfiber towels and good-quality wash mitts are the best tools to scrub your black car. You can also use sponges that are ultra-soft. Do not use regular sponges. They often make your car’s dirt stains stronger.


Are you still confused regarding the right ways to wash your black car? Or are you still too afraid to leave a scratch while doing so? Well, don’t worry. We hope that the following queries give you the right answers.

Do car washes scratch black cars?

Some say that black cars require the most care, and the automatic wash down from the auto service is damaging its aesthetics. These rapid brushes can leave you with a fist full of scar marks. So, beware!

Do black cars scratch easily?

The truth is that a black car is less likely to get scratch marks than other colors. But still, you need to be careful while washing it. Otherwise, it might damage the aesthetic beauty of your car.

Do microfiber towels scratch black cars?

No, a high-quality microfiber cloth will not scratch the coat of your black car. Since these fabrics are super soft, the chance of scratching your car with them is very less. But using it incorrectly can create scratches, for which you should be using it gently.

What removes scratches from a black car?

There are many scratch removers available in the car market. Some call them to swirl removers. If you have stains or scratches on your black car, you can consider using one of these products. And the next time you wash your car, always apply wax afterward. It will prevent future scratches.

Is black a hard color to keep clean on a car?

Because it displays dirt, filth, and stains more easily than other colors, some say that black is the hardest automotive color to keep clean. The truth is, a white car is harder to keep clean than a black one.


The secret is a black car is less prone to scratches as its color can work as a camouflage against them. On top of that, you have the clear-coat layer on top of the painting to protect it from aesthetic damage.

But still, while you wash the car, you need to use soft scrubbers. Buy a good quality wash mitt and a microfiber towel for it. And when you rub the car’s surface, always use gentle pressure.

And remember to use lubricants to prevent possible scratches while washing. If you want to use other means to be extra careful, that’s on you. But these are all the strategies you must undertake to wash a black car without scratching.

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