How To Clean Foggy Speedometer Glass – 3 Homely & Time-saving Techniques!

How To Clean Foggy Speedometer Glass

Nobody likes a blurry speedometer in their automobile since it is much more bothersome. Some people seek to clean it because they don’t prefer change. Cleaning from a mechanic, on the other hand, may cost hundreds of dollars or more.

In that situation, though, some attempt to clean it themselves, but how do you clear a foggy speedometer glass effectively? Because cleaning without knowing how to clean speedometer glass can frequently aggravate the problem.

Well, you don’t need to go to your mechanic to get your hazy speedometer glass cleaned. Instead, you can do it yourself. This article will walk you through the simple and time-saving process of cleaning. Continue Reading!

Advance Suggestion

In this article, you will learn some of the homely techniques for cleaning a foggy speedometer glass. We wrote this article after considering how to clean the fog without removing the speedometer gauge. Even then, if these techniques are not worthy of your vehicle’s speedometer box, you must visit your mechanic ASAP.

How To Clean Inside Speedometer Glass – 3 Homely Techniques!

We will discuss three techniques. You can apply these three techniques to your car, bike, as well as other vehicles.

Techniques 1: The Gloss Clear Spray Method

Follow the steps for applying this method:

Step 1: Identify the Blurry Area

It is not required for all of the fuel meters and speedometers to fog up at the same time. As a result, double-check the working area. It will assist you in creating an effective work plan.

Step 2: Cover the area with newspaper or other protective material

After inspecting the area, make a cover around the meter box and the rest of the area with newspaper. It will keep the other areas safe.

Step 3: Spray the gloss clear spray

Use the rust-oleum 12 oz. Gloss clear spray two or three times on one glass at a time. Don’t do it late; make it quicker.

Step 4: “All is clear”

After spray, you will notice that most of the fog is not visible. So, this is one of the methods.

Note: you can apply any gloss remover. Here we used the Rust-Oleum gloss clear spray.

Techniques 2: The Hair-dryer Method

The speedometer glass can become blurry due to excessive moisture. In that case, use a hairdryer to make the moisture dry as much as possible. It will make the glass clear.

First View: Before Drying

Second View: After Drying

Techniques 3: The Sunlight Method

In the sunshine, keep your speedometer on for a while. This is the most often used method, and it is also the most natural. This method has a near-eighty percent success rate.


Why is my speedometer foggy?

When moist air meets colder, drier air, fog, or condensation forms, this is similar to how your shower glass and bathroom mirror steam up after a hot shower. Due to temperature differences, this form of “sweating” can occur inside and outside of your glass.

Should I change my blurry/foggy/hazy speedometer? 

No, you should not change your foggy speedometer. Instead, you can clean and reuse it. Some of the more homely cleaning techniques are drying with a hair-dryer, sunlight, and spraying gloss clear spray. You can go through any of these techniques to clean your blurry glass.

How to remove the speedometer glass?

Despite the fact that each vehicle’s system is different, you may easily remove it. A key and screws can be found if you look closely. Take them out. Then, if there are more screws or plugs, carefully remove them, and the speedometer will come out of the socket. Then open it and remove the glass with ease.


Cleaning a foggy speedometer glass no longer necessitates a trip to the mechanic; in fact, you can do it yourself now that you know how to clean foggy speedometer glass easily.

There might be many techniques you will find on the internet, but before applying them, make sure that they are real and work effectively; otherwise, the problem will get bigger. Have a safe journey!

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