How To Clean Jeep Soft Top Windows | Best Ways

How To Clean Jeep Soft Top Windows

Tired of the ways that damage your jeep’s soft top windows? Jeeps do look the classiest with unique and stylish soft top windows. But when they get all obscure after using for a few days, you see no way back to get your shiny, clear, soft top window back, right?

The fact is the cleaning business is a bit tricky. So let us simply show you how to clean jeep soft top windows in a utile way.

How to Clean Jeep Soft Top Windows

Don’t be lazy about it, but you should totally be regular at cleaning your jeep windows to make them look shiny and clear. Before we start the cleaning procedure, we will tell you the initials. It is recommended by the jeep owners to clean the jeep car windows at a temperature above 12°C.

Let’s outset the steps of cleaning your soft top windows.

Step-1: With the Starter

The starter would be wiping your jeep soft top windows with the microfiber mitt to get rid of the extra dust. The biggest convenience of using the microfiber mitt is it will efficiently trap all the debris just sitting on the surface along with not scratching your windows.

Step-2: Spray & Wipe 

Steps 1 and 2 are pretty much identical except for the fact that you have to spray the cleaning solution on your jeep windows before wiping them. You can make the solution using vinegar and lemon at home in two short minutes.

You can be really creative regarding the cleaning solution, actually. For example, you can use detergent, dishwasher soap, liquid soap, and so on. Anyways repeat spraying and wiping 2-3 times before you move to the next step.

Step-3: Dry the Windows Out

Drying the windows can include many ways according to your longing. You can go with drying with a regular air dryer, leaf blower if you’re an expert in handling properly, and so on. But the wiser deal to go with will be a microfiber drying towel that will dry your windows with physical touch in seconds.

Final Step: Done with the Basics, Some Specials!

Since soft top windows are far beyond regular windows, they are a little bit subtle. Unfortunately, that’s exactly why they require a little bit of extra care.

The thing you need to do is purchase a good quality vinyl cleaner and protectant to briefly use after every wash. It will work on coating your windows with UV protection, protect the vinyl chemical, and keep your windows crystal clear until the next wash!

Things You Have to Avoid

  • Terry Cloth Towel

One might dare to do a slight mutation in this sector and choose a towel. But you should never make this little mistake. This tiny mishap will leave noticeable scars on the jeep window. This is because the towel will scratch the windows, while the microfiber mitt works quite like a protection to the window.

  • Too Much Force

You shouldn’t clean the jeep windows under too much sunlight, and cleaning ingredients might dry too fast. Also, you aren’t allowed to use the washer to clean the soft top since that wouldn’t be able to stand that pressure out. Even the design can’t deal with too much force with your hands. 

How to Clean Cloudy Jeep Soft Top Windows

So, now you know how to prevent your windows from becoming cloudy. But do you know what to do if the windows are already scratched and hazy?

If not, no biggie, we’ve got your back. We’re about to tell you the ways of cleaning scratched and cloudy jeep soft top windows in some easy steps.

Required Tools:

  • Polishing kit
  • Microfiber wash mitt

Step-1: Be Done with the Regulars

Before moving to any further tricks that would clean your hazy soft top windows, you need to first clean them in the ways you clean your jeep regularly. So let us go through all of it once again for your sake.

Wipe the windows to loosen the dust with a microfiber mitt, spray cleaning solution, wipe one again, and dry your windows until there’s no moisture left.

Step-2: Polish Kit Would Be Your Companion

You have to start with the heavy scratch remover that the polish kit would contain. Grab the drill, use consistent force and work with the polish back and forth a few times. Be careful with the speed. Too much speed would burn the vinyl. Average speed will work fine.

Step-3: Watch the Progress

Once you’re done with the polishing, wipe the polish away using a soft microfiber towel. Now watch how far you have come to figure out the next step. For example, if you feel like the windows require more polishing, then repeat polishing; if not, move on to the next step.

Final Step: Coating & Locking

When you’re done with all the polishing, clean the polish entirely. Be very careful while cleaning the polish, make sure there’s no polish left. Lastly, lock the whole process with the cleaner and protectant you have.

How to Clean Cloudy Soft Top Windows

We really hate cloudy windows, don’t we? But it breaks our hearts when you freak out about that, even though we’re here with the consonant ways that can clean cloudy soft top windows. So let’s dig in…

  • Find an area with shade out and let your window cool down so that you can work with that.
  • When the window is cool to touch, spray deep cleaner on the windows.
  • Wait for a while and allow the solution to sit. After that, wipe it away with a towel using average force and speed.
  • Rinse the towel in water and repeat the process until you get your soft top windows clean and shiny as new ones.

Pledge to Clean Jeep Windows

We have the best interests in our hearts for you when it comes to your jeep windows. We realize how important it is for them to stay clean to avoid accidents and so on.

That’s why we’re here to present our consideration towards pledge spray polish. So when you ask us whether it is a lemon pledge or a regular pledge, our answer would be lemon spray polish.

Lemon Spray Polish

it would be the best option for your soft top window to get over its hazy condition. With just average force and speed, and in a couple of minutes, this polish will make all the scratches, dirt, dust, and haziness on your windows disappear. But the reason we adore it the most is that it has no side effects.

Regular Spray Polish

we know it is a popular opinion, and even a number of experts would recommend you this polish spray as well. Well, there’s no doubt that it cleans efficiently, but we forbid you to choose this depending on the fact that over time it makes your jeep windows yellow, which isn’t reparable.

How to Clean Jeep Twill Soft Top

In the summertime, when you ride with a Jeep Twill Soft Top, you want to make sure that everything remains clean even during extreme situations and rain, right? Well, often, protecting the jeep doesn’t end up being possible. So you should know how to clean a jeep Twill soft top.

We have gathered a few methods. Let’s dig into them, respectively.

Method-1: End Up with Professional Grade Result

For method one, you can go with the commercials for making the windows always look good. However, commercial cleaning kits tend to include it all, the protectants too. The biggest advantage of using them is they leave with professional grade results without any hassle.

Step-1: Start with the cleanser, get that on a microfiber mitt, and start wiping your windows.

Step-2: Use the cleaning solution as the second remedy, use average force and speed, wipe the cleaner away, repeat until you get a desirable consequence, and let the windows dry out.

Step-3: Lastly, lock your cleaning activities with the protector, and you will be done.

Method-2: Household Methods Are Workable As Well

If you’re a little low on cash or simply don’t want to spend too much money on cleaning products, then you should catch up with this method.

Step-1: Use a microfiber mitt to loosen all the extra dust, dirt, or other particles on the windows first.

Step-2: Make a solution using dishwashing soap, lemon, and warm water and put that into a spray bottle.

Step-3: Spray the solution on your windows and wipe the windows with a microfiber cloth using decent force and speed. Continue doing so until you get all shiny and clear to see through windows again.

Final Step: Dry the windows, and you’re done!


1. Can I use Windex on Jeep soft top windows?

You should not use Windex cleaner on your jeep soft top windows since it is formulated with alcohol and ammonia-based substances. It is forbidden to use solutions that contain alcohol or ammonia because they are to make the soft window dry and fragile.

2. What is the best way to clean the windows on a soft-top Jeep except in the commercials?

When we put the commercial ways of cleaning soft top windows aside, what we get is household stuff. And the best household cleaners would be detergent and warm water.

Mix them up to make a solution, and wipe your windows with the solution on a microfiber mitt using average speed and force.

3. Can you use glass cleaner on soft top windows?

Glass cleaners are totally off-limits when it comes to cleaning soft top windows. They could damage your windows. However, soapy water or detergent water would be fine when you use them on a microfiber mitt.


Getting rid of the haze and scratches on the soft top windows of your jeep isn’t a big deal since the process is easy and the products are cheap, and they can be found in any shops around any area. However, we hope our article above gave you a definite answer to your question, “how to clean jeep soft top windows?”

Our final recommendation would be to use the cleaner and protectant every time you wash your jeep soft top windows.

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