10 Best Portable Air Compressor For Truck Tires 2023

Air Compressor for Truck Tires

If you have a truck, even from a reputable manufacturer, the low tire pressure issue is nothing new for many of us. We occasionally find ourselves in a very difficult situation when the truck is far from home and there are few gas stations nearby.

A portable tire inflator is a solution to avoid such unfavorable events. In addition to air-up car tires, you can use them to inflate other inflatable objects like mattresses or sports balls. Most importantly, they are affordable, extremely easy to use, and portable. 

Anyway, if the idea of a portable air compressor is new to you, we will briefly discuss it. Additionally, we have selected some of the best portable air compressors for truck tires to keep you safe.

Our top 3 picks:

Dewalt 20V Cordless Tire Inflator

GSPSCN Silver Tire Inflator Heavy Duty Double Cylinders Compressor

Kensun Portable Air Compressor Pump for Car 12V DC and Home

How Portable Air Compressors Work?

Before choosing the best portable air compressor from our list, let us walk you through some basics so you can feel confident speaking with the seller.

A portable air compressor draws air into the tank and holds it there. As it rises, air pressure reaches its highest point. Once the pressure reaches its maximum, the compressor shuts off.

Now the stored air can be used to inflate several inflatable objects. That’s how a portable air compressor works.

Different Types of Portable Air Compressors

A portable air compressor can be classified in 4 different ways based on variations in its capacity and features like CFM or PSI.

Air Inflator: It is a kind of portable air compressor that is mostly used to inflate car tires. Inflating other inflatable objects is another way you can use them. It can be powered by 12V and the main supply. It can generate pressure up to 230 PSI.

Pancake Air Compressors: Unlike Air Inflators, the pancake air compressor can fill bicycles or sports balls. They are small and lightweight.

Hot Dog Air Compressors: It has a relatively big tank and can be used to fill inflatable objects. They are a bit heavier but portable and easy to use.

Twin-stack Air Compressors: As the name implies, it comes with two air tanks and can supply more air. This type of inflator can be used for a variety of tools that require more air.

How do you inflate a car tire with a portable air compressor?

No matter how big the car tire is, inflating it with a portable air compressor is simple and only takes a few minutes. Here are a few common steps that you have to follow while filling the tire of your truck.

Verify the tire pressure

Be sure first to check the tire pressure. It’s best to wait a few hours after driving before airing up. Once you have done that, take the inflator out of the bag.

Connect the compressor to the power source

Depending on the model, the compressor may be powered by the battery, a 120V outlet, or the cigarette lighter on the car. So, connect the compressor to the appropriate power source.

Connect the air hose to your tire

You won’t be able to connect the air hose to your tire directly. For that, you have installed the tire chuck at the end of the hose. Once the installation is completed, turn on the compressor and attach the air hose to the tire’s valve. Once finished, disconnect and shut off the compressor.

What should you not do with a portable air compressor?

Once you have purchased the compressor, the next important thing is to keep it safe. There are a few things you should and shouldn’t do in order to maintain it safe and increase its longevity. Here is what you should not do.

Checking the Air Filter for a Long Time

Make sure to check the filter within a short time interval. The stress on the air filter will increase if it becomes clogged with dirt and debris. So, maintain a regular schedule for cleaning or replacing the air filter.

Draining the Tank Irregularly

If the tank is not drained, moisture can accumulate inside the tank and reduce its capacity. Daily draining is essential for the air compressor’s overall performance.

Keep Using the Compressor Even If there is a crack in the Hose

Over time, the hose develops cracks that let air leak. If you keep using the compressor with the cracked hose, it has to hark harder to do the same amount of work. Therefore, make sure all the cracks have been repaired.

The Rubber Feat

Rubber feet and belts deteriorate over time, which causes slipping when the Compressor is running. Rubber feet hold the compressor in place, which avoids injury.

Best Portable Air Compressor for Truck Tires Reviews and Suggestions

We tested a lot of portable tire inflators and evaluated their performance on various tires before selecting the best ones. Additionally, the actual experiences of consumers were taken into consideration.

Our top picks are among the quickest, most durable, most portable, and most long-lasting tire inflators on the market. Go ahead and pick the one that suits your needs.

1. Dewalt 20V Cordless Tire Inflator

DEWALT 20V MAX Tire Inflator

If you have a mountain bike or truck and need something nearby that is portable and easy to use to keep all your tires properly inflated, Dewalt’s 20V Max has everything you could need.

It is the best air compressor for heavy-duty trucks and works well with other inflatable products such as pool toys, air mattresses, or sports balls.

Power Source

Regarding a power source, the 12V DC inside the compartment with the cord is detachable. Although an optional adaptor is needed, it can also be powered by 110V AC.

Both cordless batteries and Flexvolt batteries are compatible with it. With 20V Max, it is more stable than the FlexVolt battery. However, if you want to use FlexVolt, make sure to follow the instructions in the manual.


Dewalt provides a maximum of 160 PSI. A car tire can be inflated from 0 to 35 PSI in only about 4 minutes, and a truck tire can be inflated in about 8 minutes. It can fill up to 6 tires on a single charge, including 3-4 truck tires.

Other Benefits

In addition to the LED light and independent on/off control, there is a button that allows you to switch between low-volume and high-volume air hoses. The pressure can be adjusted in.5 PSI.

What do we like about this product

  • Dewalt 20V has a screw-on Schrader chuck instead of a press-on chuck, which allows less air to escape during removal. 
  • It is incredibly portable due to the bigger handle and internal storage.
  • You are probably aware of the problems when digital pressure gauges are inaccurate, but Dewalt offers accuracy almost always.

What we do not like about this product

The only issue we discovered is that it does not come with an AC power cord, a battery, or a storage case.

2. GSPSCN Silver Tire Inflator Heavy Duty Double Cylinders Compressor

GSPSCN Silver Tire Inflator Heavy Duty Double Cylinders with Portable Bag

The GSPSCN Heavy Duty silver tire inflator is possibly the most convenient on-board air compressor for truck tires you can buy. It offers speed, safety, and flexibility. In addition to that, GSPSCN is a well-renowned manufacturer of the pump.

Capability and Suitability

It does work, taking only 15 minutes to fill a 35-inch tire from 0 to 55 psi, 5 minutes to fill a 33-inch tire from 17 to 40 psi, and 3 to 4 minutes to air up a regular tire from 0 to 35 psi.

GSPSCN is appropriate for golf carts, motorcycles, bicycles, RVs, trailers, or campers, so it makes no difference what type of vehicle you have. It does the job.

Power Source

It has an air cord long enough to extend to all four wheels. You can use the cigarette lighter and power the compressor. If it draws too much power from the 12V outlet, just use the pigtail to connect directly to the battery.

Safety and Stability

It has rubber feet, which add stability by keeping the pump in place while it is in use.

What do we like about this product

  • We were able to inflate A tire with marking 265/70R16 in about 3 minutes, which is absurdly quick, and you can get back on the road in less than 10 minutes.
  • Along with the ideal size of the tank, if you take good care of the carrier bag, it will last for a very long time.
  • The best thing about GSPSCN is that it is quieter and inflates quickly.

What we don’t like about this product

We have hardly found any downside, but many don’t like the screw-on fitting rather than a quick connector

3. Kensun Portable Air Compressor Pump for Car 12V DC and Home

Kensun Portable Air Compressor Pump for Car 12V DC and Home 110V AC Swift Performance Tire Inflator

Do you need to infiltrate quickly? The Kensun Portable Air Compressor completes the task more quickly and efficiently than you might anticipate. It is a lightweight and most convenient air compressor on the market.

Power Source

If you need to air up your camper and truck tire on the road, it is compatible with the cigarette lighter outlet and can be used anywhere. Kensun is the best portable air compressor for semi-truck tires.

On top of that, it can be powered by a 110V home AC wall outlet. This is possibly the great option for which you should choose this one.

Capability and Suitability

It has a maximum of 100 PSI and is more suitable for a swimming toy, sports ball car, and bicycle. Most importantly, the screw-type connector makes car inflation so easy. 

The pressure gauge has multiple unit conversion and is accurate to +/- 3 psi. From our experience, we have received reads 2 psi too high. 

Other Benefits

The inflator has separate compartments. Therefore, no additional storage space is required. Also, the bag that comes with it allows storage.

What do we like about this product

  • The item is much more portable, light, and simple to use. 
  • The most interesting thing we have found about this product is that It can be powered up at home, which is a huge plus. 
  • It does indeed include a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service.

What we do not like about this product

We have found not so many bad points, but one of a few complaints is that the Power Cord is a bit short. In addition to that, it does not shut off automatically.

4. VIAIR 88P – Portable Compressor 00088

VIAIR 88P - 00088 Portable Compressor Kit with Alligator Clamps

The VIAIR 88P can be a choice if you intend to use a serious air compressor. It is sturdy and heavy, not made of plastic but actual aluminum, and does the job quickly and effortlessly.

Power Source

Viair draws power directly from the battery for a good reason, even though this is less convenient than a cigarette lighter plug. The solid brass threaded connector is more dependable than clip-on attachments.

Capability and Suitability

It was amazing how quickly our RAM 1500 285/70/R17 tire went from 25 to 40 PSI when we tested the speed. 

While smaller tires, like the 225/60/18, only need 50 seconds or less to go from 20 to 30 PSI. It functions flawlessly if you have trucks or SUVs with 33-inch tires. 

Other Benefits and Advantages

The pressure gauge is incredibly precise. The LED power indicator is great. Overall, it lasts longer and provides better gas mileage and road safety.

What do we like about this product

  • Because VIAIR 88P has a long cord and hose, it can easily reach the rear tires from the battery.
  • Simply connect it, and all you have to do is keep an eye on the gauge.
  • Viair is slightly more expensive than the least expensive option, but it lasts longer and produces four times as good results.

What we do not like about this product

Due to the fact that Viair has an extra length of cord and hose, The bag that comes with it is a bit small.

5. Tirewell Heavy Duty 12V Tire Inflator

TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator-Heavy Duty Double Cylinders Direct Drive Metal Pump 150PSI

It appears well constructed, and the aesthetic design is worth every penny. Practically speaking, it is powerful, portable, light, and easy to use.

Power Source

Tirewell can be powered by a cigarette lighter or directly from the battery. Though there are some isolated complaints about the excessive draw of currents when plugging into a cigarette lighter and blowing a fuse, we don’t think so. 

The product comes with a light socket that you can attach to the battery; therefore, less chance of any of the truck’s built-in fuses.

Capability and Applicability 

We have tested and found that it takes around 5 minutes to air up the tire from 45 psi to a little over 60 psi, and tire pressure rises quickly.

Regarding standard vehicle tires like 195/65/R15, it takes around 2 minutes from 0 to 35 PSI. Suitable for SUVs, RVs, and campers and offers separate adapters for bicycles and other inflatable items.

Safety and Security

When you turn it on, the rubber feet stay tuned, so the pump stays in place, and the fuselage design reduces vibration and noise.

What do we like about this product

  • The extension cord fits neatly inside the nylon carrying case and is significantly quieter, which is the first thing we notice.
  • Housing has been made with less plastic but more durable materials that provide dependability and longevity.
  • incredibly simple to connect

What we don’t like about this product

We have put it a bit more on the expensive side. Also, if the cigarette lighter is used, the excessive current draw might blow a fuse if the cigarette lighter is used. As we have mentioned, it isn’t.

6. Ryobi P737 18-Volt One

P737 18V ONE+ Portable Cordless Power Inflator for Tires

This is yet another excellent inflator that will quickly top off your tire. Ryobi fits the bill if you want something portable and within your budget. 

Capability and Suitability

We discovered this after asking customers about their experiences using this product. 

SUV tire LT315/70/17 can be inflated from 10 to 50 psi with a fully charged battery in about 9 minutes, with one battery bar left. 

If you have a passenger car, this useful little item will air up to 5 psi in 30 seconds.

Other Benefits

You shouldn’t worry about the built-in pressure gauge; instead, use a separate tire pressure gauge for the best results. Everything that needs to be stored can be kept in the base compartment.

What do we like about this product

  • Though not super powerful but handy
  • Tires can be easily inflated without dragging tubes or cords all over the place
  • This product works well for bike tires, balls, and other small inflatable objects but is not particularly suited for heavy automobiles

What we do not like about this product

Only a few things we do not like about this product include it’s being a bit louder and getting hot on continuous use

7. Black + Decker 20V Max Cordless Tire Inflator

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Tire Inflator

This excellent little compressor exceeds your expectations and meets them. Not probably better than most 12V compact compressors, but you can use a 20v battery or 120V AC. That’s what makes it awesome.

Power Capacity

When selecting power sources, it can be powered in three different ways. The cigarette lighter plug can be completely avoided if you have a fair chance of blowing your car’s fuse.

In addition to the cigarette lighter plug, you have two other options: a 120-volt wall plug or a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, which needs to be brought separately.


How fast Decker airs up depends on the size of the tire. If the tire is huge, on average, it takes about 5 minutes from 15 psi to 32 psi, while time reduces for small tires and other inflatable objects. 

What do we like about this product

  • Decker is most versatile due to its high-pressure and high-volume hose.
  • It is small and compact. You can take everything in the storage and take it anywhere you want. 
  • A high-pressure auto shutoff just works great if you need one.
  • It can reach 120 psi, so it should be plenty for most car tires. On top of that, the digital gauge allows users to precisely set the pressure and cut it off as soon as the job is done. 

What we do not like about this product

We want to point out that you have to buy battery packs separately, which increases the overall cost of the product.

8. Slime 40051 Tire Inflator

Slime 40051 Tire Inflator, Portable Car Air Compressor

Here is our next selection. This small but effective pump allows you to inflate your tire in the garage, driveway, or parking lot. It is portable, strong, and suitable for users of all ages, and it is the best portable air compressor for tires.

Power Source

The slime needs to be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter. It is fairly simple to hook it up, and the cord is long enough.

Still, if it does not reach all the tires, you can purchase a 12-volt extension. Another cool feature is when it reaches the target; it shuts off automatically.

Capability and Suitability

According to the manufacturer, slime inflates standard tires from zero to the desired PSI in just six minutes. Up to 99 psi of pressure can be produced. It is suitable for many other inflatable objects besides the car tire.

Safety and Security

It comes with an LED light and auto shut-off features, which ensures the tire is not overinflated. Rubberized feet technology holds the pump in place and ensures stability.

What do we like about this product

  • We liked that it has a maximum inflation setting, so you can change it to suit your needs and prevent the tire from being over-inflated. 
  • It costs only a little over $40, or about the price of five candy bars.

What we do not like about this product

We found that we needed to overinflate the tire by up to 5 PSI in order for it to make up for the pressure lost when we removed the nozzle.

9. Viair 400P – 40047 RV Automatic Portable Compressor

VIAIR 400P-RV/40047 Automatic Portable Compressor

It is much more convenient to have Viair 400, especially if you have an RV than to load a generator into the truck. This is a heavy-duty portable air compressor. It can fill the tires on trailers and big truck trucks without exceeding the duty cycle.


The manufacturer claims it will fill a 22-inch RV tire within 5 minutes. What we have found aligned perfectly with the manufacturer’s line. We tested it on 6 tires marked by 245/70 R19.5.

It was fast and took about 15 seconds per tire. The gauge was very accurate, and it was not necessary that you have to stand beside the pump to look after it. The auto shut-off feature automatically turns it off.

Other Benefits

Power can easily reach all-wheel with a long enough power cord. It includes a robust deluxe bag. There is no need to be concerned about vibration. 

In a situation where you are stranded without access to a gas station, this small power tool can be your best friend.

What do we like about this product

  • It truly is the best portable air compressor available in terms of portability. 
  • It has a pressure switch, so when the pressure reaches about 150 PSI, it turns the motor off. The compressor can thus be left unattended without fear of being damaged.
  • This one is especially useful if you have an RV. It is very expensive but includes everything to air up the RV tires. 

What we do not like about this product

The only thing that stands out to us is how expensive it is, but the benefits VIAIR provides make it worthwhile.

10. VIAIR 300P Air Compressor

VIAIR 300P/30033 Portable Compressor

In contrast to Viair 400P, Viair 300P is a slightly more affordable option for you and offers the same features. It is made of durable aluminum rather than inexpensive plastic.

Therefore, why not the Viair 300P for your truck Tire? It is the best portable air compressor for 35-inch tires.

Powersource and Capability

It takes power directly from the battery. Simply connect the lead to the battery, and turn it on. That’s all you have to do. 

We have found that it takes around 12 minutes to fill up 4 tires, every 35 inches, which is greater and faster.

What most users like about this product

  • It can successfully fill tires up to 42 inches in diameter, so if your vehicle has 12V, you can use this one. 
  • Airing up your heavy-duty wheels is a fairly simple process with Viair. 
  • Because it’s automatic, you’ll save a lot of time, and airing up your tires will be simple.

What we do not like about this product

The only complaint we have heard is that the gauge is a bit less accurate, but overall, it’s a great product to buy.

What to Consider Before Buying Portable Air Compressor for Truck Tires

To ensure that you make the best purchasing decision when choosing the air compressor for your truck, here are a few points to keep in mind. If you are not confident evaluating these factors, it is best to get advice from an expert.

Power Source

Several different power sources can be used to power tire inflators. Many compressors can be powered by the Cigarette lighter plug inside the truck; therefore, it offers more flexibility since you can use it on the road. 

On the other hand, the inflator can be powered by 110 Volt outside power sources. Therefore, we think it is an important decision before buying an air compressor.

Cordless or Direct Power from the Battery

If the air compressor is cordless, it is powered by a lithium-ion battery. This feature has the advantages of being simple to use and the disadvantage of requiring a charged battery.

On the other hand, if the inflator has a cord, it can be powered directly from the battery by connecting the cord to the battery. Thus, you must check out this feature before buying an inflator.


You must verify that the inflator can deliver the required PSI. For instance, a compressor should be able to deliver 100 PSI if the tire needs that much pressure. Therefore, purchasing a compressor with higher PSi is crucial.

Size of the Inflator

If you need an inflator to air up small objects like sports balls or bicycles, a small-size inflator will probably meet your need. On the other hand, a large tank-size inflator is needed for large truck tires. Therefore, you must take the inflator’s intended use when determining its size.

Digital Gauge

Before buying an air compressor, you must look for a few features that include a digital gauge and an auto shut-off option. Today’s inflators come with digital gauges in most cases. 

Unlike dial needle gauge, digital gauge gives users more precise reading. The display will tell you when to turn it on and off, which matters most.

If the air compressor has an auto shutoff option, which is another crucial feature to look for, it will automatically turn off once the desired pressure is reached.


The best tire inflators can be purchased for a fair price. You might have to pay, on average, between $60 and $100. The compressor is more expensive, the more powerful it is.


Hopefully, you have selected the best portable air compressor that suits your needs. Here are some Frequently asked questions that you might want to know.

What is a good PSI for a portable air compressor?

A light to medium portable air compressor typically can handle 5 CFM at 90 PSI. 100 PSI should be adequate as long as the tool is small. The number of cubic feet per minute (cfm) needed increases with tool size. It exceeds CFM 10 with 100 (psi).

How do I know the maximum psi of my tire?

To determine the maximum PSI of your tire, simply look at your tire. The sidewall will have information related to the tire and PSI. On the other hand, tire dealerships may have a chart with the PSI information.

What happens if the portable air compressor runs continuously?

Although air compressors can operate continuously, they shouldn’t do so for longer than 24 hours. If it operates for longer periods or beyond its duty cycle, it may experience problems like early wear and tear and compressor breakdown.

Is it OK to run a portable air compressor in the cold?

Running the portable compressor outside in the chilly weather is not acceptable. The compressor and how it operates will be impacted if the condensate of the compressor freezes. Make sure to maintain and run the compressor at the appropriate temperature in winter.

Do you have to let an air compressor run before using it?

A test run of an air compressor is a good idea, especially if it is your first time, though we are not sure if it is necessary. You can, however, run the air compressor for at least 30 seconds or a minute before using it.

How often should I drain my portable air compressor tank?

Draining your portable air compressor at least once every two days will stop the tank from rusting. If managing your time is difficult, consider purchasing an electronic drain valve.

Our Verdict

There you have it. Hopefully, you have selected the best portable air compressor for truck tires from our list. According to our analysis, we suggest Viair 300P, and 400P. Thanks to their adaptability, speed, and portability.

Vair 300/400 is useful especially if you have RV. On the other hand, GSPSCN, and Viair are more practical and effective. Above all, before selecting the inflator, you must consider its intended use.

Anyway, you should choose the one that meets your requirements. The buying guide we have shared is pretty informative. You should go over it and educate yourself about the basics of an air compressor that one should know before buying.

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