How can you replace the exhaust gas cleaning system?

Car exhaust

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Original components

The expense associated with recycling a catalytic is more economical than installing a brand-new original exhaust gas neutralization system, customized to fit your vehicle’s specific requirements. These parts have no adverse impact on the vehicle’s performance, ensuring a cleaner exhaust system and serving as a viable option when the original components prove financially challenging. It’s worth noting that, similar to standard components, they may gradually experience clogging over time.

Here are some alternatives to the classic cleansing system:

  • More powerful gas flow control, gas cooling and reduced engine noise. It is important not to economize on quality mounting parts, since this component faces the hot exhaust flow and must be heat-resistant.
  • Flame arrester, which, unlike the catalytic converter, does not oxidize and purify the products of combustion. This is a more budgetary option that contributes to improving the dynamics of the car. Approximate service life – from 2 to 5 years.
  • Replacing the exhaust gas neutralization system with alternatives can have its own consequences. It is important to be prepared for faster wear and tear on the entire system, the need to install additional software, and various difficulties such as interference with the lambda probe, as well as possible non-compliance with your vehicle’s environmental standards. Proceed to solve the problem wisely, consult with experts to avoid unpleasant situations.

All this takes place, as experts say. But do not forget about the need for professional advice. Perhaps your car has some specific features that should be taken into account.

What to do with an old auto part?

Get a bargain on used auto parts. AutoCatalystMarket offers favorable prices and allows you to find buyers for old exhaust aftertreatment systems. The platform acts as an intermediary, appraises and finds buyers for your parts.

The price depends on the following factors:

  • Engine displacement – the smaller the size, the less precious metal content, and vice versa. The content of precious metal can also be determined with a special express analysis.
  • The general condition of the part – the absence of mechanical damage, dents and other defects. To determine the price, attention should be paid to the origin of ceramic elements, the manufacturer of the particulate filter and the presence of foil.

The variety of replacement options present some intriguing options. Selecting components that have lower scrap costs serves as an excellent alternative for those who cannot invest in a completely new original system. These options keep your machine running reliably, keep your exhaust system clean, and offer a more cost-effective solution.

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